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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mid autumn Festival Mani!

Last Wednesday was Mid-Autumn Festival :) It was fun as I sat in a swing since a million years ago! It was fun and carefree :)
Close up view: Love how it twinkles holgram glitter/specks, green and blue... and then the golden hex glitter like stars. Looks better in real life as you view them with your naked eye.

 Polishes used: Etude House High Heel Pedicure: Black jelly with hologram glitter of diff sizes, CLATTY black jelly with hologram glitter (small), layered with Elianto Opal Shine, and then with Daiso Pedicure golden hex glitter of various sizes in clear polish.

The moon finger: I used China Glaze OMG- Gr8 and Elianto's Yellow. Bah, i was lazy to use my new dotting tool so its not a round moon :P

Topped with Seche Vite to give a good glossy smooth finish :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

bejeweled! SKINFOOD + nail art + jewels

This is a pretty nail art that I did after being inspired by Nail Venus Magazine that my bf bought for me :) It was a gift, isnt he lovely? :)

I wanted to try out my purple polish from SKINFOOD and after doing two coats on all nails, I decided to spice it up a little :) Here is what I ended up with:

The purple is rich and applies well, with one coat for coverage if you are careful. It has a pink shimmer that shows beautifully in the sun. Added some jewels to sparkle it nicely. The black lines are drawn with a nail art enamel, from Daiso. I love it so much. It wore well :) I used Seche Vite on fingers with jewels :) The other nails were topped with L.A Girls Diamond Topcoat.

Tip: Wait for mani to be dried before applying topcoat, else risk bubbling. But do apply for the jewel one to seal them on top!

Hope you liked this as much as I did!

P.S this is the ruined mani from the Metallic Muse incident. (refer to previous post)

Monday, September 20, 2010

CG Metallic Muse, im so not amused.

I was swatching on my nail wheels last night. When an incident occurred.
I was seated cross legged on my floor and swatching. So i picked up Metallic Muse, thinking yay an awesome colour to work my KONADs with. and it went on fine, as this polish is an untried. Then when i closed it, the bottle broke. with the brush intact and capped onto the bottle neck.

Either i capped too hard (?!)  or.... i crushed the bottle with my hands. so it almost fell on the floor and as I grabbed it, some splashed onto the floor and mostly on my legs. and sole. and pants!

I was furious! ugh.

Took me more than an hour to get rid of them. and i taped my bottle right back up, with half of the Muse in it. I had to scrub my skin to get rid of the dried polish! I became Metallic Muse, but totally not amused. URGH.

I also stained my manicure... it was so pretty i swear! I'll post it up next, maybe tomorrow.

Ok, rant end. :(

No pics cuz was just too angry.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

China Glaze Atlantis NOTD + Chocolate Mint Crackled NOTD

Special double edition!

I am embarking on my Final Year Project and while I have been polishing my soon-to-be talons, I havent been blogging! lol. But I have been reading all your blogs! :D

Enough said, let me present to you one of my lemmings fulfilled. Atlantis is a China Glaze special glitter and one of my first 2 CGs :)

Sheer green jelly with loads holo glitter! All pictures are 2 coats and taken in sunlight! Gritty feeling on the nail but solved w some top coat. It is best as a layered polish, as I have used it for my tips while wearing a really dark green creme.
Seen in my profile picture on the left <-

I <3 Stompy

Another failed crackled art i guess. Loved the accidental colour combination here. New york Summer Hot baby Blue and Aolaiya crackle murky green/brown top coat. Well, not very hot baby blue yea? It is a nice green jelly-creme. i did the first coat and let it dried. 2nd and halfway through i applied the crackled top coat. well, didnt crackle as much as my first version but it is ok i guess. 2 days and it's outta my nails!

Noticed the tip wear? I guess the crackle top coat shrinks my nails a little. hmmm. gotta take note. no top coat needed as this one dried glossy, like shiny plastic.

Removal was a classic PITA, as the crackle will not dissolve in remover but peels off from the other polish layers. and while it peels, it gets stuck on the cuticle and finger! ugh. took me eons to remove them~

Gotta devise a method for this polish removal process!

Happy Sunday ya'all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

China Glaze's Jitterbug mani :) + updates!

Hello hello~

Showing some pictures of the lovely Jitterbug mani I made to go with a look for a Networking session I had last Thursday in school.

Taken in natural light streaming through my window..
In strong sunlight streaming through my window...
Outdoors on a hot sunny noon!
pinhole effect :)

Love this mani to bits! Simple to recreate. First paint two coats of Jitterbug on nails. Then paint 2 coats of gold (by THE FACESHOP) and end with black nail enamel nail art from Daiso. and TADAH! with topcoat :)

I am happy to say that I have received an Award from Lois of NAILYORKCITY. :) dont you love her blog name? :) thank you, lady!

I am honoured once again! I will pass this Award on soon, after setting aside time to look through some new blogs that I would like to recommend to you :)

Next news, I have also won a giveaway from Enamel Girl! :) I am ecstatic as this is my first win! :)

Will update soon with part two of More Collections?! and maybe some more product reviews :) till then~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Golden mani + CASTLEDEW swatches + Color Club's High Society vs. Essie's Chinchilly

Here is a pic of an old NOTD...
I used: OPI Curry Up! Dont be late and City Girl's gold as well. For the thumb and little finger I used L.A Girls Live on Stage and also Winmax pedicure in gold hexagon and round glitter! I love the overall look, seems to belong in a set eh? I think Im improving a little hehe.

But for the right hand :/
Looks horrendous! lol. not so bad in real life as the colours seem to blend in a little bit more. The base is Kitoko Kalani's 1243e, a pale peach colour with gold shimmer and topped with L.A Girl's Electric Guitar. Ugh. :(

L.A Girls Rockstar glitters are awesome for layering :) and the base colours arent so unique so it is easier to find colours to layer over!

I am glad for the Daiso Winmax find :) For a cheap 2SGD, the gold hex and round glitter is bright and loud! Great for accents. Many glitter in just one stroke. The brush picks up the glitter in the bottle easily too :)

OPI is sheer! Much sheerer than the City Girl's gold. A local drugstore brand. A cheap 2.50SGD polish, if I am not mistaken. Both are not super brush strokey. The shine is pretty :)

These are the last photos of my long nails! I cut them short as they are beginning to inconvenient me :P

Here are the CASTELDEW swatches :)
The one on the left is: Galaxy charcoal brown
On the right: Planet Chocolate
Very fall :) As the bottles are shaped like a jewel with 8 panels to them, the colours dont really show well. In the bottle, Planet Chocolate seems more red while Galaxy seems more dusty purple...
These nail wheel swatches are taken in bright sunlight! The shimmers are lovely... No topcoat.
The left: Color Club's High Society
Right: Essie's Chinchilly
Swooped places!
High Society has a definite lavender tone to it. While Chinchilly is more true grey. Both are with brown undertones I would say.
Hope this is helpful! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

here comes Stompy! + Absolutely Alice version

Posing for us :)
Lounging in my room, under my table :) His favourite cool spot!
Licking his paw :D He has long nails! Been wanting to do a mani on him since forever lol :P Im kidding :)
An impromptu nail franken half-post. Two jars of glitter: gold and blue. From Daiso. With Golden Rose Care and Strong glitter polish, in darker blue.
Attempted to use that chain thingy as ballz lol. FAIL.
Final product: a fake OPI Absolutely Alice! Definitely sheer as hell lol. but Im contented at just looking at the bottle... :P for now.

Have a great Sunday all!

and thank you ladies for your comments on my blog :) I need more work on pastels and Im gonna swatch CASTLEDEW on my nail wheel! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

CASTLEDEW + SUNSILK gift + Polka dots mani for sister

Here it is! The chanced upon polishes from Castledew, a Korean brand. The SA said that I seem to like darker colours lol. Accidentally chose two vampy-ish colours, guess I was feeling the fall weather in Singapore lol. kidding :P
They have numbers at the bottom but after some googling, found the pretty names to them. On the left, 9292, Planet chocolate and on the right, 9289, galaxy charcoal brown. Prett accurate names but also left to ur imagination hehe :) If you would like to see swatches, do leave a comment! I have other untrieds... this might give me some motivation :)
I participated in a Facebook quiz for Sunsilk Singapore and here's the Shampoo I received in my mail, 90ml Lively Clean and Fresh :) Loved it as it gives a little tingly sensation after use on the scalp :) smells nice too!
This is a mani I did for my sister two weekends ago :) She has nailbeds half mine. Lol. Parents always wondered if I was their daughter as I have longer and bigger nail beds than my mum and dad lol. :)
I didnt think I used up a lot of polish to do this mani so I decided to add some dots for her. Well, she has this more demure vibe than I do so I thought it more appropriate for her
I guess I wasnt all too neat :/ Applied two coats for the pastels as they were pretty uneven on the first one. Used a toothpick for the dots lol. Rather inconsistent :P But, I guess she loved it muahahha :)
Polishes used: THE FACESHOP yellow, YL 701 and blue, BL 601 
Till then!
Have a great weekend :)