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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Diamond Sparkled Nail :)

Thanks for the lovely comments :) I thought i should dedicate a post for my nails hehe, gotten much compliments on it, and i specially bought the rhinestones for the look too :D

Here's the photos:

I do like it a lot too, I had it on for about 4 days, which is REALLY long! :D 
The pink base I used was jelly-ish and Seche Vite as a topcoat did give the illusion of gel nails :) The holo glitter was actually a purple holo glitter from Daiso which was super sheer :D I used it to blend the purple tips and pink base. All was done freehanded so there was no straight edge... The purple tips were done with an Arezia polish that I got in a 'lucky bag' of nail items! (more about that in a haul post up next..) 


Friday, January 28, 2011

I haz an invite to an awesome party :D

Wheee~ Last Saturday, I woke up REALLY early (by my standards) to head to Marina Bay Sands (the new Integrated Resort, with the casinos and awesome hotel) for a Bloggers' Party hosted by Lush group.

Nope, not Lush cosmetics group with the really awesome Lemony Flutter, Dream Cream, Therapy Massage Bar... *ahem*

I had great fun cuz I got to meet fellow local bloggers ;) Needless to say, I happened to be the only nail blogger that day! Here's a group pic: Sorry for the blurry one.

I got a chance to try out the many skincare and makeup products offered by Lush group on :) Im pretty new to makeup and I have just started to pay more attention to my skin as well (after the recent bad bout of eczema...)

And here I present some of them:

I liked this sunscreen. It smells faintly of those thick sunscreen lotion you put on your body just before you get into the water. This seems to be mild enough for use everyday, does not feel greasy at all! :D Im gonna get this in my upcoming haul! It also has a cooling sensation when applied :)

I also tried the Oil Cleanser which I love too! Not harsh and keeps my skin supple after use! Pretty pricey for a 200ml bottle but it's really quite Luxe!! It's in a nice shapely glass bottle and reminds faintly of SKII products LOL. It is on sale now on the website too!

I also tried this Lemony Flutter smelling herb mask!!! Easy to put onto the face, not extremely pasty...

And there's this Cacao mask! Looks like Nutella, and smells like chocolate :D

As for the makeup, Xinyi from tried the eyebrow liner from Lioele on me :)) I never dared to try and risk looking like... someone scarier than I already am! But she commented on how it was so easy to use and others agreed it looked so natural on me! :D

p.s I grabbed this pic off you, Xinyi! paiseh!

My best discovery of the day is the BB cream for men by ElishaCoy! YES! it provides less coverage of course and is  lighter in texture :) 

For us girls, we can still get it if a more natural look is preferred or that you already have pretty flawless skin ;)

heheheheh, this picture is taken to 'flaunt' my nails! The theme of the party was 'Diamond' so I blinged up my nails for it :P And the pullover I wore has diamond ring motifs all over :P 
The product in my hands is Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop and it also has a cooling sensation when applied! I can feel the moisturizing effect as it seems to be water-based! 

I am glad I went to this party as I got to know some pretty awesome bloggers :D I asked them for skincare tips and they all were enthusiastic about sharing their tips and shopping haunts too :) 

Here are some of their blogs if you are also interested in skincare:


Monday, January 24, 2011's Flaunt it! animal print + China Glaze's Bogie + The Skinfood's Nail Vita GR901

leopard mix
Originally uploaded by wax_lyrical
Taken after 2 days of wear. Applied one coat of top coat to the thumb and it lasted me only 2 days. Application needed some getting used to.
I love Bogie and the Skinfood's metallic polish that has a nice blue tinge and shimmer to it.

having problems uploading with Photobucket :( Please bear with me!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lemony Ombre with a twist!

Used 5 different polishes for this look...
Thumb: Barry M Lemon Ice Cream (thin formula, needed 3 coats), Nature Republic's GR 602 (paler green than in photo, think apple green), The Faceshop's YL 701, Elianto's Yellow/#23, Essence's Sundancer :)
See the sheet marks there? LOL The pastels were kinda hard to apply, a little thick so my layers became pretty uneven. Maybe a little thinner might do the trick? :/
2nd and I was kinda bored... so I added stuff*
The lighter green on thumb is Essence's Check Me Out, the darker green on index is Essie's Pretty Edgy, the orange on 4th finger is The Faceshop's OR201 and the blue is The Faceshop's BL601..
and tadah! I had fun doing this, although I changed my mani that evening LOL.
I relied on some lousy nail guides meant for French nails. The sides kept lifting as it dont adhere well to my nail, or maybe my nails are too curved? :/

Thanks for all the lovely comments so far :)) Im fast approaching another milestone, BUT whats more important is the friendships I have forged with some of you, whether through e-mails, inquiries or swapping :)
<3 to all and sending positive energy to you if you ever need to feel uplifted! 

Chocolate in rich gold sparkles... @&&$^@ whatt??

Cant do without glitters...
The base colour should be a maroon colour from Etude House... Hmm. Disappointing!
Added some Nature Republic's gold shimmer in clear base all over nail, to give a slight gold shimmer...
Then added some Ottie Oriental Glitter, while trying out different designs on all 10 nails... 2 are repeated LOL
Looks pretty enough to me! Clean up was hell :S LOL

Thanks for the quick help ladies ;) Im using photobucket to get me some quick pics here, while resizing them over there! hope this works, for now ;)


i have reached the 1gb storage :(
and I have a photobucket account. Will this work for the blog? :(

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scandal's Chic Purple with blue flakies

 reminds me of OPI's Teas-y Does It, and btw Burlesque was pretty awesome ;)) Cher's character is Tess but Im not sure how 'Teas' became the name of the polish lol. This is a dark purple with magenta shimmer, very vampy :)

and this is Chic Purple on crack lol. The blue flakies glowed in the bed of the deep purple goodness. Very pretty! The polish I used to layer does not look good actually, it has nice blur flakies suspended in a pool of poo-y brown gel-like jelly. HAHA, no pics! :D

and the lovely sexy corsetted nail polish bottle, Scandal. It is a Korean brand and has aloe vera ingredients in it to protect the nails :) SGD 9.90
Love it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

What? Im too sensitive?!

Yep. I am diagnosed with sensitive skin. LOL. Im still in a state of denial but now it makes sense.

I am clearing out my TBS Seaweed series of skincare and Im using Hado Labo instead. So far so good. Still waiting for the moisturizer to arrive and then I'll see how it goes.

I hope I can use my newly acquired VS, LUSH and BBW lotions and body washes. Doc told me to avoid heavily fragranced items, dusty environments and furry items (inclusive Stompy!). Dang. Not exactly the best news ever I know, but I will survive it and I will heal!! :D

Got me some antibiotics and a cream to apply on those 'breakout spots'.

My body hurts so bad when i woke today. The spots are heavily infected and at strategic parts of my body, I cant lie down, sit down, place my arms on the table without care! Hurts so much I didnt allow my bf to come too near me. Plus it rained all evening. Chilly weather again!

On a good note, Im making some progress with scheduling interviews for my project :D Now I just need to make sure my iphone can playback long stretches of recordings... hmm. Test drive it tomorrow!

Im off to have an early night. Thank you all for being here for me :)) I feel much better already! <3

Cant wait to post my next mani! :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

China Glaze's Awakening + CND Jade Sparkle over Kitoko Kalani's burgundy-brown

Sorry I only had one decent photo of the layering experiment. Loved it very much, in some light it looks duochromey, in others, the green sparkles are strong.

China Glaze's polish worked rather well too, a little brush-strokey but with Seche Vite, looks much better. It is a raspberry pink with golden shimmer, very nice duochrome :) Very hard to find swatches of this online.

**** Thank you all for the lovely comments, concern, suggestions and experiences shared with me in my past few posts. :) The support really lifted my spirits up and Im consulting a doctor tomorrow. I hope all goes well for me and also for u, reading this. :) Jan of 2011, not too late to start loving ur self, inside and out. <3 ****

Saturday, January 8, 2011

how can i forget to show this!?!?!?

This is a purple blue duochrome with slight frost finish. Applied quite thickly but with Seche Vite, dries pretty decently. Just be careful not to cause dents!

Lovely lacquer :)

This is Wet N Wild's Eggplant Frost! LOVE THIS SOO MUCH. got this from a giveaway: )

Added OPI's Show it and Glow it ;)

Deeper royal purple with strong blue flash :) Applied very well in 2 coats for opacity :) Need a backup of this! <3


Off to a pretty slow start this 2011, am still having my holidays but Ive been trying to get busy with my project going underway...
Nails-wise, Im only at my 2nd manicure of 2011! Blasphemous! :P Pics will be up real soon I promise :)

My body is kinda in a disarray, with the chilly weather here making things much worse. Started off with a bad bout of eczema on my left arm and leg... now it's that and boils, pretty much all over my body. Not helping that I picked out pretty clothes for the Lunar New Year that I probably cant wear... Sigh.

Anti-bacterial washes and antiseptic creams have accompanied me with LUSH Dream Cream for scaly areas... Even tried Emu Oil. Im gonna be at my wits' end, then I will go see a doc. I have a thing (not) for docs. Inherent mistrust? :/ Shrugs. I avoid them like the plague.

I have been sleeping pretty well lately but just tonight, I got awoken by the itchiness and hunger... so now, I have been already awake since 4am. HA. *shakes head*

I hope positive energy will begin to *heal* me :)
It's the weekends! I dont have much plans, am gonna start working at a nail polish shop and also at a Beauty Asia tradeshow this Feb ;) I PRAY FOR NFU.OHs and TINS :D means I gotta start saving up! hehe

See? Positive Energy :P

Thanks for sticking with me thus far, readers. I have a giveaway soon, still amassing arsenal ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Last manicure of 2010!

Blingtastic!!! <3
What a way to send off 2010 and bring in 2011!
This is a gradient manicure attempted with
Finger Paint's Wicked Glitter,
Amore's Rain Glitter,
Daiso's gold hexgon glitter,
OPI Sparkle-iscious,
OPI Show it and Glow it!,
OPI Absolutely Alice

topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite (one after the other, to prevent excessive shrinkage)


On a wicked note, I won a digital massager from Kimberly, again! (won her Vampy giveaway earlier this year!) What a New Year's Eve :D 

Also received a lovely purple/red franken I named Par-rad [Parade//] from Chris <3 The package took some time, due to the season I suppose but was soooooo happy when it came!! <3

Now Im contemplating what should my 2011 manicure be! Hmmm...

And I would love to thank all of you who read and comment on my blogposts :):) You dont know how much encouragement it gives me everyday. EVERYDAY. :) Sending you some love...