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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smurfs for you?

This is my very first attempt to paint with acrylic colours on my nails! It isnt perfect but it certainly is very fun to do!

I painted with my Kleancolor Concrete Gray as a base.

It does not lean to blue as much as China Glaze Metro collection's Concrete Catwalk. I should do a grey comparison soon! Applies nicely, 2 coats for a good finish, if not one can make it too... Just be careful.

Sigh, I filed my toes one evening and clumsy me filed some nails here. Hence the marks. 
Still not too careful with my brush! The black lines got a little too thick that what I needed and I also diluted the white too much on one instance!
The grey coincided a bit with the black. I could have chosen a brighter base and maybe even enlarging the drawings too! After I was done I googled to see how others have interpreted the Smurfs on their nails and boy, I felt a little ashamed HAHA!
More practise is needed! Any suggestions on what to paint next? :D


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sparituals: Sacred Ground, Howl, Blue Moon and Spirit Child

Sacred Ground and Howl
Blue Moon and Spirit Child

These lacquers applied beautifully as usual. 2 coats needed to get to bottle colour and these are without topcoats. Already shiny and they even out very well too!

I had to alter the colour a little to get the correct red. The sunshine on the lacquer made it shiny and freaked out my camera =.=
You should be able to detect some golden shimmer amidst the red, making it very sparkly under the sun.

Definitely not a usual red shimmer. I quite like this against my skintone too... 

Howl and Blue Moon

Blue Moon is not a simple blue. Look at that! Purple, gold, brown-ish shimmers. These are micro shimmers to be exact. Unlike the ones in Break of Dawn or Strength (the Zoya Faye lookalike)


Gorgeous dark chocolate base with copper shimmer. 
The colours in Howl remind me of China Glaze Metro collection's Midtown Magic! And perhaps there's no direct correlation but... :/ 

Sacred Ground
Gorgeous greyish colour. This isnt gritty at all! Applies like a polish laden with multi coloured shimmer. With a greyed base of course. 
Very special to me. And compared to Hard Candy's Mr Wrong, this is like sparkly in the sun and has no purple base. 

one last look at them without topcoat- all glossy and shiny...

With Essie's Matte About You topcoat.

Spirit Child mattified
Blue Moon mattified
Howl mattified
Sacred Ground mattified
How do you liked them matted?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the California Gurl manicure!

Kristen came over to my place one evening as I had promised to work some magic on her nails! Well, truth be told, I was never certain if I could perform some gorgeous look on her nails! :P She had wanted a fruity manicure and the only stuff I had were fimo pieces of little fruits. However, I havent tried them on myself hence did not want to try it on her... What if they didnt last?! And I wasnt sure if I had the colours to hand paint some fruits on her nails...

So after rummaging through my ever-expanding stash (my Kleancolors, 40 of them, arrived just a few days before!), we came up with some colours that caught her eye and I helped coordinate them by swatching on a card.

Here it is, after cuticle remover, shaping of nails and the real deal with some China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil...

Kleancolor Iridescent Fuschia topped with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy.
Orly La Playa topped with Sally Hansen DVD.
Added some rhinestones in turquoise, pink, purple, blue and silver little balls... for accent on middle and thumbs.

Sorry for the blur photos :( The chunky holo candy added some sparkly orange bits with a neon pink jelly texture to the base colour.

I liked how the pink and blue came together. DVD was gorgeous with the duochrome shine. And the pink did not disappoint as the chunky holo bits added a different texture as well. 

You may check out Kristen's post on this :) 
Thank you, Kristen, for trusting me with your nails :D It was so much fun albeit I was still pretty nervous :P The rhinestones and little balls kept slipping out of my tweezer!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

SpaRitual Twinkle Collection 2011 - Illumination, Solstice and Shooting Star

2 coats, no topcoat
Solstice- Mattified with Essie Matte About You
A gorgeous yellow gold glittery polish. This isnt made up of the gritty yellow glitter either, but it is laden with chunkier shimmer than the ones we see in OPI The One that Got Away for example.

Was afraid it wont go with my skintone but I am surprised it does that look all that bad! I will probably use this for nail art base.

Still shimmery with a matte coat on. I love it better matte :)

Shooting Star.
2 coats.
Reminds me of OPI Ink but more purple than blue. It is actually more glowy than what my camera could capture. A jewelled shade for sure.

Shooting Star mattified with Essie Matte About You

I love this matte look too! Makes the pink shimmer pop more. 

3 coats.
Not your average silver glitter.
Round silver glitter and smaller holographic glitter that almost gave a holographic rainbow shine in the sun. Looks more silvery under indoor lighting though.

Illumination mattified with Essie Matte About You
Cameras catch such glitters better if their shine is blocked with a matte coat :P You can see the particles more clearly here. Coverage in 3 coats is pretty good!

All together now:
outdoor/natural light
no topcoat
indoor light
no topcoat
outdoor/natural light
matte topcoat applied

So now, which do u like more? :)

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