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Sunday, July 22, 2012

where do we go from here? -PoshPolish Review

*smacks hands* I have been slow on getting new polish (in hauls, mails, etc) as well as changing up the hues on my digits...

However, my love affair with nail polishes hasn't ended. It's just a matter of where do we go from here?

There had been some buzz about accessories made with nail polish... well, I wasn't about to go ahead and purchase them so that I'd just be remaining loyal and faithful to nail polish... until I was approached by Mel from Posh Polish to pick anything I'd like to review!

I know, the rings were reallllyyyy popular. Have you seen the different ranges and Collections Mel has put up??? With really limited editions lacquers used in them too???? I WAS HUGELY TEMPTED.

Click here to get to Posh Polish store!

Guess what I picked out?

I contemplated the lovely bobby pins, and the lovely necklaces.... but I thought the earrings would be brilliant! Not just simple studs, mind you.

add some vintage lace motif to the rustic bronzed setting... 

These are drop earrings... lovely size and excellent workmanship!

Perfect size... that doesnt look too small to be noticed or too huge that it pulls attention away from your clothes.... it's a perfect accessory! just what I intended it to be :)

Mel included alcohol swab for wiping the earring before I wear it. It's a lovely gesture and speaks volume about customer service!

Fits snugly below my fleshy earlobe! :D Truth is, I FAIL at konad and this is done so perfectly! I couldnt see any flaw... LOVELY!

This is how it looks on me...

The best part? You can customize your order: choose your setting, choose your Collection and polish!  Everything is done by hand so expect some time, but the end result is worth every dollar. Plus, it is very reasonable and affordable ;) 

She also incorporates some nail art into her designs. This is well appreciated for the fact that I dont just want another polish incorporated accessory.... 

Mel is efficient and professional, I like 'dealing' with her... :) 

She does international shipping too so fret not! She is very informative and transparent about her process, her materials and updates you about your item in making. 

Visit Mel @ Posh Polish here! Looking through it will give you some inspiration for your nails too, I'm sure. ;) 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoya: OLDIE but GOLDIE-- Savita

This is one gem that I decided to keep after de-stashing a lot of my polishes... let's say I cleared about 1/6 of a Helmer. Sold some at a flea market.. but of course, not all was sold.. haha. It's ok, I'll do something about it...

Here is Savita, I bought it a very very long time ago.. And it's my first time using it... :D

The iPhone camera does not do purples well... but the Windows 8 HTC phone does!
It's lovely... the colour, the feel. But did not last well on me. Had worn tips the next day and more faded off over the days... :/

But it's a lovely investment :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SpaRitual 2012- Spring Collection- Water- nail art

In case you were wondering where I went to, I was prepping for the launch event for SpaRitual Spring Collection- WATER that happened on 1st Feb 2012.

It was a great success and I am thankful for the guests who turned up!

To cut the story short, I prepped my nails, all decked out in the wonderful colours (6 of them, if you dont already know) with some added nail art to spice things up.

Plus, I have seen quite a lot of US bloggers had the full swatches up anyways... so just to play things up. I hope you dont mind!

Photo-Spam: Beware!

L-R: Ripple Effect (base) + Lucid (pastel lilac creme) + Undercurrent (dark blue creme), Ebb & Flow (base) + Undercurrent (dark blue creme), Hidden Reef, Lucid, Ebb & Flow.

Dotted them on, liked the contrast, made Ebb & Flow less 'neon' on its own. 
The glitters I added on for the remaining shades helped to pull the colour out more and adds some pizzazz to it. 

The shimmer in Hidden Reef is stronger than that in Deep...
Reef is a lovely coral that has both pink and orange... very unique, almost similar to Essie's Your Hut or Mine (which I happened to have).

I would like a dress or fabric in this print and colour.... 

L-R: Deep, Undercurrent, Lucid, Deep (base) Ebb & Flow (dots).

I love Undercurrent so much. Totally different feel from Orly's La Playa which I equally love for the navy...

Pretty disappointed with this shimmer, looks so good in the bottle. But the darkness of the grey seemed to drown out the purple pink shimmer...

Shimmery petals of a flower :P 

I prefer Sacred Ground from the SpaRitual Wilde Collection to Deep... 

Overall, Left hand wins!!

Application was watery on first coat but when you see it drying the colour shows much stronger (making it seem more opaque than watery at first glance). Two - three coats for perfection, especially the pastel based ones. 

The shimmer ones are no problemo ones... :)

Ebb & Flow gives you blue fingers, even with base coat, so if you dont mind then go ahead. If you do, do a double base coat and then gently do filing after polish removal! 
Good luck!

I love the colours in this collection very much. However, Im more looking forward to the Earth day DUO, Gold collection and Pigment collection coming up this March - June!

You may get SpaRitual products from:-

- email your orders to
- collection at My Life Store showroom (Wintech Centre, #08-04)
- Essence Vale Spa @ Traders Hotel Singapore
or purchase them on
My Life Store website once they are listed!

Keep informed at the Official Facebook Page!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Launch of SpaRitual Spring Collection 2012: How you can win an invite!

Dear all,
I am back with more local SpaRitual News!

This time, on the 1st Feb 2012, SpaRitual will be launching a special Spring Collection, Water, that celebrates water as an important element in our lives but also aware that many around the water do not have access to clean water.

The limited edition collection features 6 beautiful colours with equally nice-sounding names.
Ebb & Flow
Ripple Effect
Hidden Reef

20% of all sales from the lacquers go to Surge, a US based organization that improves access to safe and clean water for life.

There are both 15ml and 5ml bottles for these colours. 

I will have the swatches up real soon! :)

Visit  to see how YOU can win an invite to the Media Launch event at Food For Though Cafe 8Queen Street on 1st Feb!

Learn more about SpaRitual and the collection then!

Cheers :)