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Monday, May 16, 2011

giveaway closing on 10th June 2011!

This is an announcement. (Squoval)icious! 1st year blog anniversary giveaway will close on 10th June 2011, wherever you are on the globe!

Do hurry take part and I will try my best to blog about the Japanese Sea Salt in Milk flavour and the My Beauty diary face masks! :D These are awesome Asian products that you can try for yourself! :D

An update: I have officially had my last paper in university!Woots! and I'll be heading to Taiwan in a couple of days' time and will be back end of this month! :) I miss blogging for all of you. I have decided to go on a detox while Im there, no nail polish but maybe yes to makeup LOL. and well, i hope to gain a refreshed perspective of myself while I am there with my friend.. :) A break from the Singapore city life is needed and I will make full use out of it :)

I'll be back!

P.S I have updated my Blog Sale page and also my other blog, here. <3

Friday, May 6, 2011

Singaporean Konad lovers out there!

Just have to share this with you.
VIBE lacquer store, where Im working at, has China Glaze's Millenium, Sci-Fi, Metallic Muse, Emotion, Adore, Hi-Tek in stock!!! Limited thou, except for Millenium! So COME ON DOWN AND GRAB THEM!!!! :D I dont Konad so I felt compelled to share this good news! :D

Also there's promotions going on for Essie and OPI mini sets just for Mother's Day! Ends on 8th May :D

I hope I get back to blogging 'full-time' soon. I miss all of you :( Did some hauling too! and I LOVE ISLAND ESCAPE COLLECTION BY CHINA GLAZE! like, all of the colours. haha! show u all my haul soon! + my MUA swaps are coming in bit by bit. omg, awesome or what! :D