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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my 2nd franken!

this is my 3rd time frankening, but my first loved attempt! take a look..

did u see the awesome green shimmer?? :)
these are applied over one of my NOTD- Color Club's High Society.. They are sheer on their own, needing abt 3 layers to be fully opaque.

and upon closer inspection, there's red shimmer too... and the huge amt of polishes I used for this franken :) The one that looks white is an iridescent polish that shines green... And the blue one is my fave blue metallic shimmer polish from THE FACESHOP :)

How do you find this franken?

I havent named it yet.. but maybe - Carbon Christmas. lol, lame i know :P hehe

school starts tomorrow! cant wait!

Monday, August 30, 2010

OPI DS Sapphire

Overall I find this disappointing! It goes on super sheer, 3 - 4coats needed. and dries a little matte, and drying time is not too quick,  as expected from a holo.
The effect isnt as awesome too.. more greens, yellows and blue. there isnt any reds that's part of the rainbow holo effect :(

Might franken this away, or maybe use to layer over an old dark coloured manicure...?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Orly It's Up to Blue

hands down one of my most favourite lacquer of the year! <3 Totally mermaidee, it is kinda metallic in finish, not a glass flecked like the Zoya Charla and the dupes...
Application took abt 2-3 coats for the colour to resemble like in the bottle. Drying time was okay.
This is a cousin of Bailamos from Orly as well. If i am not wrong, this is a more intense version, darker as you might say. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update on Seche Bright

Seche's rep replied and didnt explain why the bluish tint is there. But she/he didnt say that i couldnt use it either!
Anyway I went ahead to use it and my nails hvnt fallen off :P

Here's a preview of posts to come!
- My own Absolutely Alice using Golden Rose blue glitter polish as a base...
- My own Frankens, I have 2 till date.
- Orly's It's up to Blue, which is a more intense(?) version than Bailamos...
- Color Club's High Society - then Mattified - :)

Ive ordered 3 from Cosmix Collection from a seller in Singapore! Cant wait to get them next week!

And the Zoya's Ive decided on are Mimi and Ki :)

Till next time, peace to all and love one another!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TransDesign and Orly Cosmix prices?

The last I checked it is now 7.50 USD a bottle for Cosmix and 6 USD a bottle for the other 'normal' Orly(ies)...

And it was sold at 5 USD previous... anyone remembered that?

Overall price increase? Wow. Lucky you if you gotten your before the increase... :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shiny glossy-looking natural nails

Being a nail polish blogger does not only mean that we are concerned about merely applying polish with pretty colours... I feel that it also involves some knowledge and practice of cleaning up your own nails and having them look presentable without any nail polish on..

I have been ashamed of my natural nails for some time, so I use nail polish as a way to cover up the bare looking nails, instead of enhancing them!
Granted, I am new to cuticle care procedures and nail filing business, but it is never too late to learn! You girls have helped me alot along the way... :) with product reviews and introducing me to glass files!
Well, I dont own a glass file yet... :D

So one fine evening, I decided to let my nails breathe. Yes, breathe. :) They were yellowed, due to the darker colours I have been using lately and the back to back manicures...

Ridges were showing, the nail shapes arent all standardized, not squovalicious at all!! :(

So I set out to remove my polish in two rounds, over 2 nights! The second night allowed me to clean more unreachable areas like under the nail and at the sides...

There was some polish stuck at the cuticles. So I used Seche Soft, a cuticle softener on them. Using an orange stick with cotton wrapped around the pusher end, I cleaned up my cuticles, removing the polished stained ones as well! Ah, looking much cleaner.

Then I reached for my festive looking The Body Shop nail file and filed my way! Looking much neater now.
Then I reached for an old buffer with some sides damaged lol... but I couldnt get the shine I wanted. So I used my new buffer, purchased for a cheap SGD 3.90, and used the smooth edge to get a natural shine :) I was so pleased with the results I hollered to the seller on FB :P
SHINY CLEAN NAILS! the yellowed nail plate seemed much better now after slight buffing and thorough cleaning with a non-acetone remover!
Here is an image of the buffer!
Before (nails):
After (nails):

On a separate note,
I love my shoes! just SGD 9.90 from the little things she need at Orchard, ION. A special discount for National Day :D

and a THANK YOU to bloggers who have replied me on the previous post, I shall go ahead and use Seche Bright! just felt weird to be putting some glowing liquid on my nails lol.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

help needed!

I own a bottle of Seche Bright, a nail whitening treatment.
For the last few days, I placed the bottle on my desk, beside my window. The curtains are half drawn, allowing some sunlight to stream through... now it is mid-noon and I just noticed the UV bluish sheen that is in the bottle! It's like glowing!

Can it still be used? :(

p.s I emailed Seche about it.. but noticed that this product isnt on their website anymore..?!

and here comes Motivation, with a big M!

The reason why I am writing this post is because of KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish! She has very kindly tagged me for this lovely award:

Sweet cupcakes, so yummilicious! Thank you Karen, you are very kind :)

It is always good to know that my reader(s)? appreciate looking at exotic brands that arent available in their own countries... :) I shall swatch more of my untried onces before swatching the Color Clubs, CG, OPI, Orly, Essie.. :) These are serious lemmings! haha

Ok, back to the Award :)

The rules for this one:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 things I like
1. Sleeping in on a rainy, stormy weekend morning... with Stompy resting under my bed :)  He/she* likes dark little corners a lot, presumably cooler for this little furry, temperamental ball of fur. *We checked with two vets, one said it's a he, one said it's s she. :/
2. A messy desk. I am one of those who loves her sense of order in the mess that others see, ahem* my mum i mean :P I am sure there are more out there... maybe i just feel secure and less lonely with clutter on my desk... hmmm. :)
3. Wobbling. I wobble (moving my torso side to side while seated) or vibrate (depending on your perspective) when I enjoy good food :) But i enjoy the feeling of wobbling more than good food itself. Ha! Im weird i know. Wobbling becomes an instinctive thing i do nowadays, haha, awesome.
4. Desserts! Im a sweets person, not savoury kinda person. Waffles, ice cream, traditional Chinese desserts, riceballs... yum. I used to devour one tub of ben and jerry's in one night :)
5. great rock music! not those heavy metal rock, but moderate ones? lol. hard to explain indeed. I have some favourite Chinese bands... and singers.
6. dance music in the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga.. for those crazy nights..
7. cats! I think this is recent, I love the soft purriness of young kittens and the matured, sexiness and nonchalance of cats... hmmm. I could live with kittens and cats :D
8. walks in the night with my loved one. I love to talk. I hope you can tell by now.. i love to just communicate with persons. though i can be shy or look really fierce when i do not smile... facade, people, facade! I am truly happy to have found someone to spend my night walks with.. :)
9. Singing Karaoke! We call it 'sing k' in Singapore lol. I love this form of entertainment! I'd go wild and just have fun in the room with my friends :D very therapeutic too, especially after a bad breakup lol.
10. NAIL POLISH, duh!? It is mainly a creative outlet from the mundane everyday existence. also a form of therapy for me.. :) from the stresses of living... and this amazing community i 'meet' :) makes me feel less alone :D

phew! that was longgg. thank you for sticking through with me :D

and now- *drumroll*

these are the bloggers I am tagging along with:


I figured that most of the bloggers out there that I have been reading are tagged in one way or another lol. and i dont want to end up choosing any :)
so please, share with me your 10 favourite things :) it is always great to know more about the person apart from her choice of nail colours or how she chooses her winner for giveaways lol :P

till next time~
P.S I am on a cleansing ritual. well, im planning to make it a ritual... Im going polish-free! for as long as I can take it. But it dont mean I'll stop getting my Orly Cosmix or Zoyas lol... My nails are yellowed and till i feel they are better then I will continue... for now, its about keeping them neat, clean and shiny :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elianto - Salsa Pink

This is an old NOTD, but something i love a lot! Pink with gold duochrome :)
Sorry for the blur looking photos! This was easy to apply, two coats to get it to the colour in the bottle. It is a much deeper pink in real life... I guess my camera settings wasnt good then~

Have an awesome Monday! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

bumper post!

After one day of OPI Ink with CND Jade Sparkle, i took out my Daiso nail art lime green holo glitter and did this:
made me satisfied as holo glitter nv failed me, it glowed on the dark blue-black base...
this is another mani i done... boyfriend said that it's time for me to start on nail art.. as ive practised quite a far bit of nail painting... :) he is so sweet, eh?
this is most colour accurate... the dark blue is an Elianto polish, Indigo Shine, the pink with glass flecks is a Caerphilly, unknown number, and the silver is a SKINFOOD Pedicure Sparkle no.11 lol.
the right hand... seems neater, ironically as my right hand is stronger..
ok these photos are enough! moving on...
China Glaze's BFF! loved this sooooo much! :D mine was thick so need to do more than 2 coats to even it out... :)
in the shade, still a pretty purple :)
oooh, now this looks black but it's not! :D and the tips are done with China Glaze Atlantis! :D
yes, an 'Orly' :D
072, in Korean :P
But hey, the application is super good! Two thin coats and you are done! levels itself well too and very pigmented~
Not too sure why my thumb looks like this lol.
I love this manicure thou it doesnt capture well in photos... and as for the similarity to NARS Zulu, well it is not a jelly for sure, but a creme i would say :) deep dark green that looks black in the shade... well, i love this no matter what! :D