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Sunday, June 27, 2010

blast from the past!

here are the manicures I've done for the past few weeks...
this is a blue holo i purchased from Daiso... it was thick so it is lumpy :P but the colour is a nice baby blue base with scattered holo :) i think u see visible tipwear here... not so obvious in real life :P
this is a pretty olive green with gold shimmer... from OPI. but it came without a label. I need help!! anyone can suggest the name of this colour??
i added a coat of olive green glitter with holo hexagons :) as an accent nail.
pardon the dry cuticle!
help anyone? :) <3
this is my latest manicure! i kinda love it but not too much.
love this for the bluish-green colour that i came up with from a purple-blue base :)
its abt 4 layers. 

this is a more accurate colour with the green showing... the glitter (holo) shows best under dim lights :)

from left: Rainbow 15, Aries 38, Suki 270 and The Faceshop BL 601 :)

hope you enjoyed them! these are my work manicures. done late at night! :S lol

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i bought a Macbook! all is well except for the fact that it lacks a sd card slot :'( so it makes blogging a tad more troublesome...

i also just cut my fringe, like 2 minutes ago! i usually do it on my own.. with a scissors and a comb and a mirror... :D i love short fringe!

i have also cut my nails, now they are short n stumpy! but i still love them :D

i may have to skip on nail polish for a while... my nails are showing signs of.. distress? im gonna take good care of them too :)

will post manis in a bit :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

616 turquoise

Dating back from my Indo trip, i present to you a new fave colour!

thou application was thick n i had not bothered to thin it :P

hope you noticed the accent nail :D with two coats of sparkly to let it shine. looks nicer under sunlight/bright light but not in the shade or indoors :/

but i love this colour.. rather Tiff & co :D

tata for now!!

yes, Babbling Brooke's giveaway!

she has kept us on the hook for some days now with her creative contests!! and just read on her Giveaway post... u know you got to join in!!!

and I AM DEFINITELY going to!

and that's the link to see and join in the mega mega giveaway!!

do visit her lovely blog :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

OPI DS Tapestry! + a polished surprise!

love this dazzling rose colour <3 with slight holo properties :)

taken in midday sun!
topped with Seche Vite (ahhh can finally type this out hehe)

and here's the S-he polish i've won from happyberrynaiad
thank you girl!

im so gonna wear it with other greens soon!!


been missing for a while now and ive been tired all the time, and very moody and irritable. but am feeling slightly better... with loads of polish!
this is a light brown with silver speacks from THE FACE SHOP :) gifted by a good friend of mine!
then i added a coat of a duochrome (pink/pearl/green) to get this pink effect :) love it! but i keep having accidents with them i took them off. :(

this is a dusty orange that i bought from indonesia! :D its in a very small bottle and i love the colour! applies well too... brand: Bichun

and my Seche whitening kit finally arrived! <3 plus essie's Matte About You! 

Seche Bright, Seche Vite (HURRAY!), Seche Soft (it's been so good for cuticle pushing!), Seche Erase (evaporated much when it reached me..) File, Cuticle Balm and Orange stick <3

ahh my yellowed nails with Seche Bright, white tips, and some glitter...

both are gifted from the same friend! :D
guess how many more?

compliments from my friend who will have her beauty blog soon! ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

iron man nails!!!

I stumbled upon this colour combination and i thought it looked like IRON MAN's suit :P
what do you think?
i didnt seal or wrap my tips. i shld have cuz i love this mani to bits.
my first attempt at a Ruffian-inspired one :)
not too bad i wld say, rather neat hehe.
this is taken indoors. not very colour accurate. and without top coat.
it does not shine as well, and it is more of a metal finish. 

im using kitoko kalani's 1224 :) i bought two bottles and gave one away to my friend :) who has kindly gave me 18 of her polishes, used once or twice!
so many to play with now :D:D

and the awesome red is from the SKINFOOD. :)
a deep red rose colour and looks awesomely delicious with L.A girls diamond top coat!!

i cant wait to do another manicure but thats for tomorrow :D
have a good week ahead ladies ;)
hope you like this hehe


my netbook crashed on me. probably overheated or something. grr.

but that means I may be able to convince my parents for me to have a macbook! *fingers crossed*

and if i do have that, im gonna go on a polish ban! for a month or two... :S

I have loads of photos of new polishes to share! will do so when i get a temp netbook from my bf. :)

till later!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holo from Daiso, :D

Another Holo from my Daiso collection:P
its mostly grey with yellow undertones...

in natural light. 

love it as long as it has holo :P

Thursday, June 3, 2010


uh huh.
looks kinda lovely eh? It's red and blue round glitter suspended in clear polish (glue, rather) with micro silver glitter. 
Applies like glue, smells like one. :(
Got it off eBay, Hong Kong seller. 

FUNNY BUNNY. Well, it's supposed to be a White creme. :S
But I ordered a DS OPI and 48 isnt a real DS number! 
And if you peel where it tells u to, what you get is the label coming off the bottle!
It costed me 8 SGD. 

And this post came just one day after I received my package. YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE :(

lesson learnt, am purchasing another OPI, DS Tapestry from a local eBay-er. Hope it comes soon :D It should be REAL *fingers crossed*