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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

swinging back home...

Im back! Had my official last schooling day today. Had a pretty awesome time actually :)
What made it sweeter was the Ben and Jerry's ice cream Mr N got me as a reward..... :D

Answering queries on the Etude House green nail polish in my last post, the # name is: GR606 :) The petit series...

And I have just imported my blog sale here! Am clearing out my nail polish + beauty stash a little by needing the cash and space! :) If you are interested do email me, like Ive said at the end of the Blog Sale page <3

I have 23 likes on my FB page for (Squoval)icious! that's great but I would love more interaction there too :D I have so much to show all of you, been on a winning streak... and I mean it. I hope bad luck does not befall me now that Ive all the luck! My skin condition worsened with the stress of final year project but now that's done so I hope I begin to heal well soon, before I go Taiwan too :D

How have you been? :)

Giveaway Polish! Etude House dark green surprise~

Have you entered my giveaway yet? I'll be closing it at the end of May when I return from Taiwan :)
Here is one gorgeous polish I am giving away (I swatched my own bottle):
These are two coats or one thick coat :P
When the light hits it directly, it looks like a squishy forest green colour. 
What do you see? 
Yes golden shimmer! Hidden in the dark green jelly/creme. I cant decide cuz if you do one more coat it will be opaque like a creme I suppose...

Excited much?
Application was a breeze, did not clean up for these photos, the brush is great to work with! :)

Comment in this post to join in the giveaway! :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nailed It: Precision Lacquers review

If you remembered, in my last mega haul I did at the Beauty Fair Asia 2011, I bought 4 Precision lacquers from Star*Like Nails Distributor whom I worked for.

I used three of the neons in my manicure and I found myself loving them! Unlike most neons that dry very matte (China Glaze's Kiwi Coolada is one), these dry semi matte...

The middle finger here is in neon pink!

Wow. I love how they look! But being a little afraid of stopping the traffic, I did some nail art- (Squoval)icious style :P

I'd call these crazy drawings haha, very stream-of-consciousness. :P

Of course, I relied on my trusty Daiso nail enamel lacquers :D They never fail me... much :P

As the nail enamels dry glossy, the contrast in finishes (semi-matte base and glossy patterns) look most interesting. But I still did Seche Vite over it and it looked like printed nails! I have had a few compliments on this, even at the clinic's! I suffered a bad ear infection a few weeks bad and had to go to the doc's. All's well now :D

And here's the other hand! For the thumb and little finger, I tried a little neon gradient with the orange and pink ones as they are pretty close... I lik the fourth finger, reminded me of an abstract lashes-fluttering eye LOL.

I did no cleanup with these amazing lacquers. The neons took me 2 - 3 coats for great coverage and dried pretty quickly for me to do nail art on. Precision lacquers are really hard to find eh. It is such a pity as their array of colours are huge and comparable to OPIs. Just without the trendiest finishes of shimmers or glass flecks. I might try the turquoise glittery shade soon :) 

What say you?
And remember to enter my giveaway! :D Here's the link:
dont wait! I havent decided on a deadline yet so hurry enter! :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

erm, makeup for you? how about some polishes? ;)

HAVE YOU ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY? I doubt so ;) Go to my previous entry to enter my Year One giveaway! :)) I havent decided when to end it yet... I'll see how the response goes :D

On another note, as you might have already know... I'm pretty much into makeup now. And on my 8flo blog, I have just penned an entry combining music and makeup! and nails of course! I did Space Cadet with a some gorgeous Mei Mei Signature's crackle ;D

Click Click!

:) have an awesome day lovelies! :))

I have on Essie's Hot Coco now and im loving this! I will post a proper entry on this soon too! :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

it's one hell of a year (soon!) so we shall be happy!

I have had a fruitful time blogging about my passion for nails and then subsequently, some haul and an occasional review on a beauty item this past year.

I am also glad to have met and 'met' so many of you, the regulars, who have shown me love, care and a lot of attention by reading and looking at my photos :D

This is to reward you all. 

I have a few more polishes not shown in this photo above to give away together with the items as well. I will be blogging about the two items at the front in the near future and the 5 polishes in the photo are:
silvery glitter polish by Beauty Credit, dark blue shimmer polish by Nature Republic, a very dark purple/pink based griege (???) polish by Elianto, a sheer purple holographic particles loaded polish by Daiso and a dark green creme by Etude House.

I have 3 of those polishes and I use them in my nail art or for layering purposes. I believe they are really versatile for use :) Hope you will like them!

I will do a review on the Etude House polish too, I have a bottle for myself that I havent used :)

Here are the ways you can grab my attention and win this for yourself!! 
1) Leave me a working e-mail address that belongs to you.
2) Let me know if you have 'liked' my Facebook page @
3) Let me know your views of my other blog @ or click the link -->
4) Tell me about your best beauty secret for healing dry, chapped lips and/or dry and frizzy hair.
5) What is your all time favourite nail polish?
6) Whether you are sick of revealing so much about yourself hehe! :D

Open to all. I will end this giveaway in a few weeks' time... and I will announce it in one of my future posts :P


Friday, April 8, 2011

Nailed It: VIBE lacquer store Official Opening @ China Sq Central

7th April  2011.

I was really honoured to be invited as a guest blogger to cover the event by Melva, the owner of Nail Vibe whom I purchased some of my OPIs/Orlys/ChinaGlazes from, and now a proud co-owner of VIBE!

Looking really cozy, girly with the pinks and floral motifs too.

As with all(most) shop openings in Singapore, a red piece of paper is used to cover up the signboard for unveiling at an auspicious time! 1pm was it.

I was proud to be a VIBE Concierge that day ;) With the blinged out tag and furry pens :)) Well, I also started work as an employee for VIBE store that day too!

Both sides of the store, I forgot to add in the other wall with the TINS, PA, Zoya and Essies :)
Yes, it's a piece of heaven on earth for me!

And I walked into a garden too when I first arrived way before her guests did...

Im gonna show you one of my current and most expensive lemming from the store...

This shelf has nail polishes, Swarovski blinged evening clutches and bags as well as jewelry!

And my favourite..
All maxxxed out. Yes. Bling-porn. 

These are designed by Melva and look at the motif...
Simple and classy, just the way I like it too!

VIBE is a one-stop for lacquer lovers, with all sorts of glitter, bling and other nail accessories...
Nail swatches are provided for some of the lacquer in-store...
Even Shrek made a cameo :) and thats me :D

Crackle Glaze in a shelf, 6 shades... for just SGD11!

Nail Vibe's polish remover (acetone) and cuticle remover (re-packaged from Blue Cross)

Another lovely clutch and also you see OPI Black Shatter on Michele, the other owner's nails :)

Here is she with a lovely black clutch!

And here's Melva with some champagne and the lovely clutch I am lemming after!

Here's Christine, my co-worker at VIBE

and this is us!

Me and Melva :)

My overall thoughts of the store: I love how it is all well-stocked with a huge array of OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, Orly, Essie, TINs, PA lacquers and treatments... as well as those lacquer sets :) The environment is so cozy as well, I will surely enjoy working there. 

I loved talking to fellow nail fanatics at the store too, mixing and matching lacquer colours according to their skin tone and of course, they spend while I watch on LOL. It used to be the other way round, you know...

May business prosper!!! 
This is not a paid advertorial. All opinions here are solely mine and very honest! Any questions, do direct them to me @

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

quick heads up on upcoming posts!

Dear lovelies,
I know I have been bad. My giveaway isnt up yet and I havent been sharing my manicures!

But! I will be posting real soon on 2 events, one that I have just attended today and one more tomorrow! The latter is nail polish related itself hehe. *hint: Nail Vibe*

I thought I have decided on my Giveaway present but seems like I'll be adding a couple more.. :D Gimme some time to take another round of photos before I post it up again!

I'll be back! <3

You might wanna check out for my other blog for other tidbits of mine :))