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Monday, May 31, 2010

L.A Girls Rockstar layering!

Ooooh, i did my research before buying off 5 Rockstars off Cherry Culture ;)

And lo and behold! let me present to you Double Platinum and Overdose over TheFaceShop Bl 604 ;)

this is the blue! i love it for its flawless application, one coat is enough and it never dries up gooey ever! :)
taken in artificial light, it's with v fine shimmer...
taken in awesome sunlight! :D
on the left: Double Platinum, right: Overdose 
love the holo glitter a lot! with a little tinge of dull gold... that is Double Platinum! not too hard to understand why it's named like this!
Overdose is a real overdose of glitter! round blue, pink glitter with micro silver glitter as the 'background' :) taking off is qte a pain thou but am learning :)

and its one coat of Rockstar EACH! how awesome is that! :D
love this soooo much! have 3 more to go! 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jamie's midnight nail parlour!

I have quite a few photos tagged under this album name as above in my Facebook profile :P those were the days before i discovered this awesome online community :)

and yesterday was Vesak Day holiday here in Singapore so I met up with  my friend to do some shopping and then back to her place to give her a simple manicure hehe.

She loves darker colours, like me :P and here's how it turned out!
a very dark red, so close to black! and thats her pet dog, Elfie! :)

her pinkies have longer nails than the rest, just in case you found the photo looking weird hehe

this shot shows the red better!
and i was surprised at the redness when i took a photo with flash on! 

and this is THEFACESHOP
303 is my birthdate! 30th of March haha :D

her base coat! 
application was not too bad, it was a new bottle so it went on smoothly for first coat but started to become thicker then. but 2 coats was needed to even it out. the finishing is awesomely glossy :) 
did some cleanup for her too, overall im happy with what i have done :D a very neat attempt on my part, although nowhere near Lacquerized's standard! hehe :D

and this concludes a very awesome yet tiring Friday! 
p.s she found the cleaning at the cuticle area rather nice, in a perverted way cuz i was rubbing at it! LOL

Friday, May 28, 2010

RE107 glitter jelly sandwich!

yes, another insane name of mine :D
some would say it is glass-flecked, but to me, the glitter is very small in size, so unless u stare hard at each nail, it's quite hard to detect.

this was two coats and pardon the chipping, no top coat and i was typing furiously for work yesterday lol
the glitter is sandwiched between the red jelly i feel. very pretty to look at. the finish is glossy with a little bumpy feel. Im sure a top coat will seal it in and even bring out the glitter :)

yes, it is a pretty skinfood polish :)

personally i think they have some really nice ones, just that the range of colours are a tad small. 
application was alright, my bottle was a little thick. and notice the slim bottle, it's flat, reminds me of the metal flask that cowboys fill liquor in. *i hope im right with this reference lol* or the flask that the shooter in Greys Anatomy current season finale used!

all taken in the sunlight in my room. 
this colour can be a burgundy or a cherry red depending on the amount of light that falls on the nails. i love this for th depth but it is a pity that unless one looks closely at your nails, they wont begin to appreciate it.

i've been on a red streak lately. lol. wonder whats next!

and i have a question: how do you bear with smelly nail polishes? i mean those that smell REAL BAD, like in some chemical factory! ugh... i shouldnt have bought cheap, not established brand of polishes :( 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pin-up red jelly :)

yeahhhhh thats one weird title :P
but you will soon know why!

no, not this. :P this is the previous mani that i loveddd so much :D taken in sunlight :)

red hot siren nails! i know it's bleeding out :P

after clean up... well i rushed through this mani.. so dead tired from work always... and not only work of course!

its a orange based red jelly. in two coats, with VNL. and it stinks :(
SGD 2 for this bottle, BestScence like the lilac/blue metallic... 

it's a bright bright red jelly that made me feel happy.. for a while lol. and yesterday wasnt all good. 

and for the title: it feels like the 70s, 60s when a bright red nail polish was the THING that exudes sex appeal lol. but it reminds me of tomatoes too... :P and freshly cut red chili! hahaha...

hope you like this!
P.s did some nail art which sucked :( so aint showing any.

Monday, May 24, 2010

rose tinted holographic/prismatic polish :)


i went shopping with my friend at Daiso last night and I was hanging around for an awful long time at the nail polish section.

and i picked up two beauties. well, they looked dull lifeless and kinda eeew in the light in the store. But i observed closely and thought it looked quite holo... :D

So i thought i'll get two and just try. I could add some solvent if it looked too dry :)

And i looked at my huge stash of polishes that I havent swatched and well, ITS A HOLO. been lemming for it since forever. so i tried it on.
OH SO SMOOTH~ it was sheer but OH SO SMOOTH and its definitely a holo!

sorry but i know you can forgive me for this X;LARGE photo :D im so in love. my monday blues are gone!
taken with flash under the nightsky... :)
courtesy of my loving BF :D

i hope you love this as i do!
it is a very sheer pink when it hides it's holo hood. so it is so safe for work :D but when you are out in the sun playing, the holo is in its full glory :D PERFECTO!!! 

and it only costs me 2SGD for 5ml of this magic polish hehe :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

holographic glitter goodness!

I attended my primary school friend's wedding and these are my nails:

This is a coat of a metallic blue/lilac colour :) a little streaky but can be done in just one coat! I got it for two dollars and was told this was from Taiwan. But it is made in China and the brand is Best Scence. 
added one coat of holo glitter goodness from THE FACESHOP! got it on ebay. sold out in Singapore! BK 901

all taken in bright sunlight in Jakarta! :D

under artificial light

blurred for holo goodness :)

grab ur hands on this :P  it has big round holo glitter and smaller ones too! in a black jelly base :)

here is the blue metallic closeup! shimmer particles appear only under macro camera :P
dries glossy :)

and my previous manicure is BR610 from SKINFOOD :) 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hiatus over!

Been busy at work.
And then I went out with my boyfriend on Saturday... He surprised me with a bouquet and a massage as well as some gifts.
But one relevant highlight here is the polishes! I gotten two from Sasa. They are duochrome! :D 

It is a surprise as I never liked it much until I saw some nice swatches :P

Will do up a post soon!

Also, I made a short trip to Jakarta over the weeekend to attend my Primary School friend's wedding :) And while shopping, i got myself 6 more new ones! :D

cant wait to show u all as well as the mani i made for the wedding! ;)

my first transdesign haul is here too!!! :D:D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Nails for Work!

Have just started on my internship! And I have been busy busy busy! But I must still share with you all the lovely shimmer brown I have on now! and Im gonna do another one now.. :P

its a lovely shimmer brown with red and green specks, very very small! it is so pretty i love it so much! gives me a great perk in energy when i stare down at my nails when i type!
My netbook is also a nice shimmer brown :P 
Perhaps it is the typing I have been at and the chipping occurred pretty soon! 
the formula is not thick and is good actually!
two coats without any top coat! but i feel that the brush strokes can be seen :P
my base coat does not work well thou... Hmmm. Seche is coming soon!! :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

Turqoise? Teal? Duochrome?

I have no idea how to describe this colour cuz it appears so different to me in different lights! But it is a first for me, to get something greenish on my nails!

Application wise was hell. I was kinda clumsy but also it was all gloopy. Think i need to find another place to store them well!

taken in artificial light at a cafe. 
i added a layer of blue glitter and blue hexagon in clear base. 

a closer look at the glitter... 

the right hand is without added glitter coats. taken 3 days after manicure. v little chipping..
here without camera flash.

a close up!

And so, i really dun know how to classify this colour lol. Sorry for the ugly cuticles! still waiting for my Seche set to arrive.. :)

Have a good week ahead!

Gonna start my internship at a local museum tomorrow :) Cant wait!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


im down with flu, just 2 days after the end of my exams! :(

what a bummer!!!!!!!

but hey, i managed to go shopping! gotten myself 7 new nail polishes from the mall! and they cost me 2 dollars each :D:D

and one ebay item arrived!!! :D

im one happy girl despite the flu :P

will be posting soon once i get my hands on the camera!! :D

have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

L.A Girls Flare- Glowing and simple nail art

a short post before Im back to preparing for my final paper...
this was done in March, been a long while :) 
it took  me four coats to get this, and rid of right hand is the dominant hand so my nail art is on my left fingernails! lol

i used the back of a toothpick to dot my nails. not all are evenly done but i like it that way :) i used red and hot pink. but since it is only one coat the colours are not very vibrant. which is good :)
Red and pink are from THE FACE SHOP. 
no top coat. the dots are like braille to me :) i love feeling them when i run my finger across the nails

last shot. and a closeup. taken in flash in the evening by the beach :)
have a good day!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

thankful for the terribly hot and humid weather!

i hope you can see the red sparkle bits! :)

now, back to studying... :(


As I still have one more paper to go... and my nails are aching to be painted... I gave in, yet again.

I have just ordered more polishes online and hope to get them by the end of this month! :)

And for now, I shall just play with one of my TWO OPI polishes lol :P Too expensive here! Gah. And also one more from my stash of FACESHOP polishes :)

from the right, My pinkie is done with the FACESHOP BL 604 dark blue shimmer; 
OPI Ink  3 coats, 
FACEHOP BL 604 with a coat of AREZIA #745,
 OPI Ink with a coat of AREZIA #745

I hate it that the purple does not capture well on camera :( and the pretty blue and red micro glitter particles in OPI Ink are not that obvious.

The FACESHOP coats finish off better than OPI Ink; it is more glossy, while OPI Ink is slightly matte. 

The AREZIA polish I used here is a hot pink base with suspended holographic glitter of various sizes. 
It brought out the purple tone in OPI Ink and added more shimmer. 
When added to the FACESHOP blue coats, it made purplish, maybe cuz the coat was a tad too much :P

hmmm the difference seen here is very minimal :( but i hope the shimmer can be seen :) all taken in the night, in my room.
the whitener im using as a basecaot for now; pro: it makes my manicure smells delicious :) 
I love L.A Girl Diamond Topcoat! It illuminates the glitter in OPI Ink so much :D here are some I just taken:
the one on the left is with AREZIA coat, the other is just OPI Ink, without. 

Just FACESHOP dark blue shimmer :)
Left: With a coat of AREZIA, right: without, pure dark blue shimmer :)

do comment if my photos seem overexposed or something ok? I think my netbook has a lousy graphic card. *$&$(&!. heh:P