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Friday, May 6, 2011

Singaporean Konad lovers out there!

Just have to share this with you.
VIBE lacquer store, where Im working at, has China Glaze's Millenium, Sci-Fi, Metallic Muse, Emotion, Adore, Hi-Tek in stock!!! Limited thou, except for Millenium! So COME ON DOWN AND GRAB THEM!!!! :D I dont Konad so I felt compelled to share this good news! :D

Also there's promotions going on for Essie and OPI mini sets just for Mother's Day! Ends on 8th May :D

I hope I get back to blogging 'full-time' soon. I miss all of you :( Did some hauling too! and I LOVE ISLAND ESCAPE COLLECTION BY CHINA GLAZE! like, all of the colours. haha! show u all my haul soon! + my MUA swaps are coming in bit by bit. omg, awesome or what! :D

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