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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Launch of SpaRitual Spring Collection 2012: How you can win an invite!

Dear all,
I am back with more local SpaRitual News!

This time, on the 1st Feb 2012, SpaRitual will be launching a special Spring Collection, Water, that celebrates water as an important element in our lives but also aware that many around the water do not have access to clean water.

The limited edition collection features 6 beautiful colours with equally nice-sounding names.
Ebb & Flow
Ripple Effect
Hidden Reef

20% of all sales from the lacquers go to Surge, a US based organization that improves access to safe and clean water for life.

There are both 15ml and 5ml bottles for these colours. 

I will have the swatches up real soon! :)

Visit  to see how YOU can win an invite to the Media Launch event at Food For Though Cafe 8Queen Street on 1st Feb!

Learn more about SpaRitual and the collection then!

Cheers :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

a-england: Lancelot review

Happy 2012 dear all!

To kick things off, I am here diligently clearing my backlog of reviews and photos :P I have 2 days off work and such makes time precious, and pleasures rare.

a-england: a very themed brand of nail lacquers, with a not-so-extensive variety but very strong character. pun intended.

packaging isnt in the most luxurious of forms, simple stickers pasted on a squared bottle with a round silver cap. 
to crown my hands and feet with its smooth lacquer does add points to it.

who had an affair with Elaine, thinking she was the Queen Guinevere, subjected him to madness & etc. 

Very dark, broody knight. Mysterious in his mind and wanderings. 

some say dirty. murky.


(one coat on the left half, two on the opposite side)

application was precise, brush was good, lacquer was a tad thick that caused the frustrating bubbling.

even after 3 separate manicures with Lancelot.

it isnt black, but a deep wine liquid dries glossy.

leaving his mark behind.
Get a-england from and look out for slashings, in price, of course.