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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blues who? - Comparison post

Golden Rose is a European brand of cosmetics and they do pretty decent polishes. I have three of their polishes, essentially glitters in a clear base that I've come to add in other glitters to franken :/ But #phail.
Now they can be found at Watsons in Singapore and I sieved through the buckets to find a colour and finish that catches my eye. There was a one for one promo and I snapped up 4 polishes that day.

Im reviewing two of them in which I bought a backup for one of them. You will know why ;)

First up, a look at four polishes that seemed to belong to the same category.

L to R: Golden Rose 55 Frosted Purple, Golden Rose 54 Medium Purple, Sally Hansen DVD, Color Club Alias.
Names of GR are from the USA website, according to the number on the bottle.

I like how GR 55 has more pink and blue than DVD. DVD is more cool toned and a not so defined duochrome touch to it than GR 55.

Alias is totally different on the nail with the green and gold peeking through. It's a tad similar to Orly's Space Cadet. Just a tad.

I layered them all over black since the GR one looked a tad sheer.

GR 54 is not a duochrome but reminds me a lot of Zoya's Mimi. Scattered grainy little specks of pink, blue and deep purple, the last being the base n dominant colour.

Happy to report no dupes or even close matches here! :)

Which do you like? Im impartial!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OPI Movin' Out over Wet n Wild black creme

Decided to show this first, since I have another comparison post coming but the names of the polish escape me. 

This is the very precious to me OPI Movin' Out polish, which looks really pinky and frosty in the bottle but is a gorgeous multi-chrome with sparkles over a dark base.

I used this over my thumb and over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

See the sparkles when blurred?? They glisten in the sun!

You can see a peak of the other 4 others that is in the q for the comparison post...

Orange, green, gold, olive...

Purple too...

Quite like a little nice beetle back in this last photo, eh? 

The polish isnt b3f so it smells a little unpleasant, but it applied quite nicely. This is 2 coats of Movin' Out over the black polish. 

Thank you for scrolling through! :P

10 days to SpaRitual Nail Care Defined Workshop 2011!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

*ashamed* more photos of Nubar's Moonshadow + Indigo Illusion

Im so ashamed but these photos caught the best of the multichromes that these Nubars have. I have shown them earlier in a post but here's more like I promised...

Yes, major tipwear. Im sorry I havent had good time/energy (EXCUSES!) to sit down and give myself a fresh coat(s) of paint.

I dont usually push back my cuticles or do any soaking before I give myself a manicure. I jus remove and paint again. LOL.

Work does take a toll on my nails. And wrapping tips with top coat do help to lessen top wear... in this case, I was pretty lazy (sloppy, more like it).


But you will forgive me for the lovely colours rightttttt? :D

The lovely yellow shows up alongside the green, purple and indigo base...

Also a golden hue pops out of this almost shimmery (a la Cosmix FX by Orly) kind of duochrome... 

The brown also shows up here.. It's like Space Cadet without the green? 
Vampy duochrome, me like.

On a side note, my nails are thick. LOL. Which makes wrapping tips a little tougher...

Loving these heels :)

And this surprise gift :) 
I might do a manicure inspired by the colours in these last 2 photos... :D 
I havent been out in the sun for some time now... That's cuz Im working 6/7 of the time! Indoors, at the spa. 
*breathes deeply and feels the sunshine*