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Friday, April 30, 2010

L.A Girls Robin Blue Creme and Diamond Top Coat!

I need more practice in removing my polish on my toenails :X

Here is what I have just done:

One coat of The Face Shop Whitener as base
3 coats of Robin Blue Creme L.A Girls @S$3 in my school's BHG Bazaar!
and 1 topcoat Diamond Top Coat L.A Girls

with flash
without flash, indoor lighting
Application wasnt all too good :( first coat was streaky, needed 3 to make it ok.But i think it is so thick now! and the polish tends to come together at the end of the nail... :/ 
Both bottles together now. It so happens my bedsheets match the colour :P

What do you think of this? 

just did some simple nail art! i cant resist! there had been some accidents but bah, whatever :P
here goes!

The Face Shop BL 606
i know, no fancy name :(
but it's a very nice bright blue creme :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

SKINFOOD Nail Vita RE107 & Pedicure Sparkle 11

As I have promised! :)
P.s still experimenting with the way to take a good picture of the polishes! bear with me..

taken under indoor lighting, sorry about it! :X
looks very dark but this is exactly how my toes look now! 

More than a hobby...

it is more than JUST a hobby, mind you! Look at what LACQUERIZED has done! all the hard work in one fabulous post and it is a life-saver for me! Now i will be careful with how i describe the polish to be :)

There are 25 types of finishes or kinds of nail polishes! betcha didnt know that!

The ones I'm currently looking out for are the:

1) Holographics
2) Flakies
3) Matte (eBayed Essie Matte About You! uh, long story though, another time!)
4) Holographic glitter
5) String glitter
6) Neon
7) Suede
8) Satin
I just realised, the list goes on lol :P

Click on the link! :)

Another Giveaway... I cant resist!

I will post up photos of my pedicure and items I have used for them once Im done with my paper today! Cant wait.
For now here's a MEGA giveaway that you will not want to miss!

Hello world!

I'm so excited to be writing my first blog post here!
Been deliberating over the name of this blog for a fairly long time and I just cannot wait to be part of this community ;)

I am not so prepared to start posting as I am in the midst of my exams... But I am gonna just post some (unflattering) photos of the pedicure I did for myself (to help me get through this period of time)
I have forgotten to take photos of the nail polish! :/ But it is from a Korean brand, SKINFOOD. This photo is taken without flash in midday sunlight... Looks like a dark cherry red to me most of the time... which is a pity because there are nice silver glitter in this jelly-like red colour!
So under flash.. it looks like this:

Looks better eh? This is done in 2 coats, no top coat! and the silver line is actually more of a white shiny glitter from SKINFOOD as well! I will post photos of what I have used thus far!

I am sorry for the not-so-good on the eye pedicure photos :P Probably no more! Since my fingernails are getting better from the staining that happened way back in February... :(

Have a great day ahead :D