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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brown poo-y manicure! LOL

I have 10 different designs on both hands. Not very cohesive. But at least from the same colour palette :) 
Would appreciate comments! <3
 Freehanded the animalistic print on my middle finger.. with a dotting tool~ pretty amazing cuz the polish was gloopy and thick. (The Face Shop)
Base colour is the same for all. The Face Shop brown, it has been discontinued. 

Polishes used: Swing Baby by China Glaze, You Dont Know Jacques Suede OPI, Kitoko Kalani in 1224 (golden brown), The Face Shop brown, hex and silver glitter in clear base, Ottie hex and gold glitter in clear base, Seche Vite topcoat for some nails... and rhinestones!


Have a great weekend and enjoy your Halloweeeeen~~

btw Im on a polish frenzy. Some hauls coming in, cant wait to show ya'all!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Essence Sundancer + Check Me Out

This is Essence's Colour and Go series. Sundancer. Opaque in 2 coats. Pretty awesome application I must say! :D as I layered them on too quickly, there were a million bubbles. So i layered Ottie's gold glitter and holo hex glitter in clear base over. 

Creme and glitter, a little weird mix but turned out much better in the sun. Wore this for a day. Glad that Sundancer complemented my skintone... :)
Gonna try this as a full mani soon...
This is the other colour, Check Me Out ! just had to add the exclamation mark. :P 
Pretty green, application was awesome too! I did two coats, less bubbles here. Colour is more accurate in the shade. Or the second photo. Dries a little matte/satiny so I did some top coat here. :)

Pardon the dirty window ledge thingy. I havent thought of scrubbing them since I moved here more than 3/4 of my life! lol. Maybe I should.... 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


just did a purchase on evilbay for Seche Vite topcoat. need it fast cuz i'll be needing it for an important nail project next month! :)

and to reply some local readers, I got my old school Color Club polishes at this nail salon in Suntec City, the same level and area as the games arcade... just walk to the right of the games arcade all the way to this nail salon on your right... i cant rmb the name though :/ they sell makeup brushes, Nubar (old old ones) and their house brand of nail polishes (from Korea). good luck!!!

and I'll be posting up a poo-y brown manicure soon lol. :P

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Nails for Depression Awareness Month

An over exposed photo to whet you appetite for some greens... 
Elianto Racing Green, Caerphilly Green with hex glitter, Daiso hologram glitter in green (applied with clear polish) + Blue rhinestones

Both hands together now... 
Taken a few days after, hence the slight wear on tips. 
The lovely bouquet was gifted by my bf on a pretty random day :) Another surprise I foiled :P 

Thank you for the lovely comments ladies thus far. I really enjoy reading them. I think I need to be more patient when it comes to painting nails in such hot and humid weather in Singapore. And also invest in a good basecoat as to avoid bubbles. :) 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Retro Color Club find! :D 2 attempts!

This one sat in my untrieds for a longgg time. I was in a hurry to snatch this off the shelves when I happened to come across it one day while shopping (waiting for my bf to get off work). It came with a Cuticle Away (Remover) and a iridescent glitter polish. All for just 10 SGD! :D 

I was aware that it was the old Color Club bottle and formula but heck, how often do i even see Color Club sold in Singapore!?!? 

I thought this one was a duochrome. A faint one. But is it? Find out ;)

 Name of suspect: Subtle Glow
 2 coats.

 2nd attempt at this polish, some weeks later. 3 coats now. Intended as a full mani...

 See what happened next morning... :(
 Pretty awesome though. :/ Textured like oil on canvas.
Layered 2 coats of OPI Wing It! but of course, the texture remained... :P

I was then out with the bf to get some shoes for gym and while trying them on, the polish smudged! lol. removed it immediately when we got home! ROAR.

So, a soft duochrome, yes??? :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stompy is love.

 Lying in my room, by the wall. As always :)
 Standing upright and reaching to the top of the cage to get some loving pats and attention from us at home :)
 Under my table, where my feet usually are. He/she* loves dark corners!
*The two vets we went to gave different genders to Stompy, so for 5 years now, we are unsure if Stompy's a he or she :) But he/she is more than an it. :)
 With a small blade of hay stuck on his/her whiskers LOL

 Lying down against and under my table... relaxing... no, I think Stompy was asking for a manicure... Hmm.
 Licks himself/herself clean... Great prep for a manicure ;)
 That's his/her food storage box there on the right.
 He/she would reach up to the newspapers on top of his/her cage and bites on them with downwards force to get our attention. He/she eats newspapers!
 His favourite, apple. But we feed him the core with some more apple bits left :)
 Plastic spoon to feed him/her his pellets :)

 Sometimes he/she would come close to us and touch our arms, feet, butt even with is face! or his teeth :/
 See that patch behind the wall? He/she did it. Yes, he eats paint. He/she peels them off the wall and nibbles on them, usually we spot it and pulls the piece from his/her mouth. LOL.
 I was sunning my brolly that noon and he/she was curious. Spent time walking around it, under it, biting it, smelling it.. LOL
Peeking from under!

And this is my Stompy. He/she is considered old for a rabbit, having been with us for about 6 years now? Sometimes I dream of him/her hopping off the house, we live on the 5th floor. and sometimes, I dream that he/she is motionless in the cage when I wake the next day. :(

But he/she is a strong fella! Healthy one as well; cant believe how he/she survives on an occasional diet of newspapers and paint! Dont worry, we have him/her under control :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be here and be Squovalicious! winner is..


ImperfectPaint has kindly helped me pick a number between 1 - 51 on my twitter. and it is 47! :)

Congrats Ezzy!
Get back to me soon :D

normal blogging will resume in a bit! been feeling a little inertia lately :/ but still doing my manicures! *phew*

Monday, October 18, 2010

Be here and be Squovalicious! - is now CLOSED.

Thank you all for your participation.. the giveaway is officially closed. (lol sounds so serious huh!)
I have about 38 participants, and entries numbering more than 45...

I will select the winner soon so stay tuned! <3

Friday, October 15, 2010

Too busy to do your nails? | Her World Singapore

Too busy to do your nails? | Her World Singapore


Do read this short short article before reading on...


My response? EEEW.
I hate looking at chipped nails on shorter nails, even on myself with longer nails! Im sure removing an old manicure does not take u too long! So NO EXCUSE there!

It is like a 'trend' in Singapore i admit, i have been seeing lots of chipped manicures, some barely a scrape of polish...

Some on their toes!

To each his(her) own, but i rather wear covered shoes to avoid showing them in public. And it is a big no-no for me to be spotted with chipped nails!

What about you, what do you think? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October >> Pink Power!

 I had this on last week, for about 4 days. Absolutely love this mani. And for a good cause.
 Polishes used: Essence VIP Appeal, Essie Knockout Pout, OPI Pink Me Im Good, Daiso Winmax pink sparkle

 Polish used: ALL + Daiso Pink Striper
LH Completed look.
RH completed look. I like it slightly less haha. Guess I used up all my creative juices for the left hand already!

 Im holding Beauty Credit's hot pink nail polish! Applies well, like a jelly to me..

All the polishes I used to get this look. Extreme right is Arezia's polish that resembles the Daiso Winmax Diamond pink sparkle... 

Close up of OPI Pink Me Im Good, a LE i won in a giveaway! :) Layered this over Essie's Knockout Pout, as I was afraid it would be too sheer... 

My rhinestone wheel :) I have pearls, crystals, round shiny stuffs and tear drop shaped shiny stuffs LOL.

Hoped you like this Mani as much as I did!

On Breast Cancer...
I am afraid I'll get this one day. I am not someone who is comfortable with having my breasts examined or stared at, even! I had to go to a doc some years back due to a lump i found. Worried that it might be cancerous... I went to the doc along with my mother. I was self conscious of course... and it didnt help that both doctors I sought were males :/
Well, the results after a scan was that it was a bone growth. It is weird to me. and I never did go back to have checked. It's been about 6 years now.
I guess it is time, maybe next year, after I graduate...

My motivation to take care of my own body is that I will love myself just as much as I love nail polish!  Sometimes, we just forget the importance of loving ourselves... <3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Near dupe to WIng It! OPI + Comparing Essence's VIP Appeal and Essie's Knockout Pout

On the left: OPI Wing It!
On the right: Nature Republic ERC 302
Both have the blue, pink, purple flecky finish in the same pink base. Nature Republic's more opaque. OPI is more glass flecky than Nature Republic. Not sure if the duochromy finish would be obvious on Nature Republic. :/ I only did finger swatches. If you are interested, I will show a full swatch soon!
Thumb: Essence's VIP Appeal
Other fingers: Essie's Knockout Pout
Essie is a strong neon pink that i love so much! Doesnt make my skin looks dark and dirty. Essence's VIP Appeal is a softer pink, something like a Barbie pink to me. Very feminine, i'd wear it as a full mani!

Have you entered my giveaway yet? You have until 17th October! :D

p.s I will do up a post on Stompy real soon! He's indeed cute :)