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Friday, February 25, 2011

my Valentine's Day nails :D

This is super backdated, but worth a look, huh? :P

For the hearts, I used Etude House's petit polish that has colourful hearts floating in a murky, base with silver glitter... and I used a few blues layered over for the base. Used Daiso's white nail art brush to do the clouds :)

I like this look over the various pinks and reds. Guess I wasnt feeling for those colours since it was also Lunar New Year :D

peek-a-boo: I have some pretty special announcements to make soon plus some haul posts that make me swear I'd never step into a shop again. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick shoutout! :D

Today is the first of 3 days of BeautyAsia 2011 held in Singapore, exhibition halls 402 n 403, Suntec Convention Hall :)
And boy, was i dead tired from cashier duties, skipping lunch and not going to the loo from 945am till 8pm! haha. The Cuccio deals are good, so are Seche deals :D I havent walked around to look for Zoya, ChG, OPI or even Nfu.Oh... sad :(

But I might get some Cuccio products... any recommendations?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Squovalicious DIY!

Well, technically not a REAL DIY haha! But I thought it was a simple enough solution for getting more product out of badly designed containers!

Im pretty conscious about my hands and feet. If they are dry and peeling, I'll get pretty irritated! But i guess one cheapo (cheap-skate) way is to 'try' out moisturizers in department stores (those labelled as testers only!) on those dry hands and cuticles :P I havent actually done it before. hhmmm

This is one product I got to help make my hands soft and prepared for a self-mani...

Yep, a Bodyshop item. I was on a BodyShop craze earlier last year, I have almost all the shower gels (including seasonal ones) and other bodycare items :P

Almond oil is said to help soften and moisturize skin, and the scent it pretty nice to me, so yea I got it. :D

It gives off a warm feeling when u start rubbing them all over ur hands, focusing on the cuticles... and thats the almond oil! I use this as a last step in my shower so that I can pat my hands dry after :)

The only problem, is that the oil tends to collect at the bottom of the tube, however u place it, gravity. So while I get the buttery scrub bits, the oil tends to ooze out or not! 

So, that day, while I was at Daiso shopping for sample sized containers for some items for my swap, I bought this:

The plastic tub that containes up to 100ml of product or is it 75ml? there about...

I cut open the tube from the top and using a platic spatula, I scooped them out onto the container! I soaked it in hot water to try to sterilize it :P Not the best way I know...

Then using the spatula, scrap out the remaining bits and try to mix it up a little :)

The items needed :D

I did the same for my foot scrub:

See the scotch tape at the top? I squeezed the product too much that the top burst! Like a ill-fitting dress!

It is self-warming too but I dont feel it much on my feet as on my hands :/ But the smell is not too bad :D 

This is how it looks like: 

Yes, you see some purple liquidy thing? It either flows out too much or not at all! 

So I did the same as above, cutting, use spatula and voila! :D Freeman's a bigger tub so I needed 2 of my containers. 

So next thing was to label them: expiry date and all! I used scotch tape over the container before using the sticker so that there will be not remnants of the paper sticker when I decided to re-use the containers next time :) and add another layer of scotch tape so that the ink and sticker wont go all wet and bad when using them in the shower! 

It was pretty fun to do all these, I minimized space in my cabinet as well :D 

Bad packaging can be forgiven, if you know how to get away with it with minimal hassle ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lunar New Year- rabbit nails :D

It's hard not to get inspired by nail bloggers I tell ya... So here goes a very dated mani I did for the CNY :)

Carrots for the bunnies. Look away if the eyes scare you... :/ sorry!

Mandarin orange, anyone? :)

I love my colourful kiddy bedsheets :D haha! 
I used quite a few lacquers for this look, mainly due to making the right red I want for a good contrast with the bunnies :)
Bunnies are drawn with Daiso nail art stripers, not easy but I managed quite a decent job!
Gotten many compliments from this mani, even strangers at Elianto store ;) Yes, was stocking up on some pretty lacquers ;) 

Hope you all had an awesome CNY break, recharging for the new year ahead! :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

another haul post :P

keeping this picture heavy... here goes!
some lovely accessories on sale at Stradivarius :)
and thats a peek into my demure, pearl-y shine mani too :)
Matching lace necklace and ring :D 
Essence goodies :D XXXL Nudes lipgloss in nude kiss, Smokey Eyes palette in purple and a Metallics series gel eyeliner brush! Cheap and looks good ;) Cant wait to try them!

and then, some drugstore purchases, made use of the Watson's buy 10 get 1 free for items costing 2SGD each!
Naris Makeup moist base UV

Biore eye and lip makeup remover. Bought into trying this after seeing blog advertorials...

Japanese bathing salt :D in Milk. It is said to patch splits of skin o.0 maybe the kind of skin ive been getting? :P

Bought this Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula lotion to try on my dry, flaky, irritated skin... Smells nice :D 
P.s I opened it to smell while travelling on the bus and it went up a bump and I got lotion on my nose >.< HAHA

Read some good reviews about this leave-in hair mask :) My hair is getting quite dry lately, as I have slacked on hair treatments in the shower lol. This Pantene product should buy me some time!

Gonna replace my Eucerin with this Lifebuoy for times I feel I need some simple body cleansing. 

And this lovely Nivea cream I saw so many raves on MUA :) Love the packaging too!! lovely diamante hearts hehe <3

I better post all my back track Manis :D much love to all!

Friday, February 11, 2011

look what arrived in the mail!

4 packages reached me :D in one day! wheeeee~~

let's see...

Jessica from Born Pretty Store sent me these items to play with :D The gold chrome nails look sooooo good, now Im just waiting for a good day to wear 'em ;) I used the pearls already, in a gorgeous simple mani :D and the last item is a orange manicure soaking bowl :) ahhhh, full home spa treatment awaits ;)

Ordered these off a FB store with a special price of 4SGD a piece! Revlon Chrome polishes and Loreal Touch On Colour for eyes and cheeks :) 

Gonna try them out soon ;) 

I also won the BIG Giveaway from Kimberly at her 2010 year end Mini Massager give-away! :D The items arrived and I was SOOOO HAPPY:)

Its my second win from her in a span of a few months and she has remembered how i loved the Reese's and candies so she got me some more :D Im such a child. 

The Massager came into good use for me and my family. Although the initial jolt was pretty scary for me, the massage worked well to soothe pains and helped relax :) 
Thanks so much Kimberly!! <3

I also received some facial masks samples from Mei Mei Signatures, also a FB shop :) But this is with 3 crackle nail polishes I bought from her too! Really awesome crackle, I'll review it in a later post :D

I have gotten a burgundy shimmery shade, a dark brown shimmery shade and a black shatter dupe :) Dries matte, add a topcoat for gloss :) 
Cant wait to show you!

I have more haul posts to show... and my CNY manicure! HAHA :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

fighting the blues! - old NOTD

It was my first day back in school for the last Semester of my educational career. *ahem*
I was excited for my lesson actually, it's an Art history module :) So I painted my hands with 2 blues :)

The differences are prety visible. But I love both of them equally!
The first blue is Etude House's Petit Darling Nails in BL504, a darker shade of robin blue with light blue shimmer (glass flecky shimmer). Looks creamy with an edge. U get me? :D

And the other is Orly's Lunar Eclipse :) It has a nice slight duochrome, showing the purple shimmer against the vibrant blue :) Very bright shade that chases the blues!

It was a sunny day, a rare one as it had been raining for days some weeks back! I was taking photos of my nails while walking in school, alone. Bet someone thought I was insane. anywho! :)

Love them! Application was flawless to me! 2 coats for Etude House, it was on the thick side (consistency). Orly was sheer so about 3 coats was sufficient :) 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a quick heads up! :D

Essence, the brand from Germany that gave us OPI's Catch me in your net and Orly's Halley's Comet dupe is in TOWN! I spotted one promotional shelf, with Colour & Go as well as Metallics Series (Scream YAY) with makeup as well at Bugis BHG :D

Will not be permanent display, only till 20th Feb! GO GET URS NOW.
Colour and go is at SGD2.90 while Metallics at SGD4.50! (Magnet sold separately at SGD3.90!) Matt topcoat is available as well!! :D :D

Will show my haul at a next picture heavy HAULAGE post. trust me, I spent quite a bit!

Also, I will be blogging about a Black Shatter dupe and more exciting shatter colours I found in a local online business. It is from Taiwan and does not stink like hell (referring to polishes MIC or that contains bad bad chemicals!) This is 3-free! :D Im sooo excited!

I have also come across a shop at City Square Mall (by Farrer Park MRT) called Superwoman, that sells KONAD polishes (the full range) and plates and sets! :D Image disks are at SGD 7.90 which is same as that at BeadtleSweet (you can google for their webpage). I get my rhinestones from BeadtleSweet as well :D

Also, if you have already heard, I'll be working at BeautyAsia Tradeshow this coming 21st - 23rd Feb. The last day, from 3pm onwards, the tradeshow will be opened to public! Do come on down and try your luck at Nfu-Ohs :D Essie's will be sold at SGD16 (recommended retail price) ;) This is all i know for now! Will update more when I attend the briefing :)

I have so much polish items to show all of you! :) Stay tuned :D


Have a gorgeous year of the Rabbit :D will show you my cute CNY nails soon ;)