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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Essie Hot Coco - Going nuts! :P

Im back! from Taiwan and hopefully back to regular updates! Been a hell of a year thus far, just finished with my studies and started to hunt down little jobs to support my spending... *shakes head*

Here is an absolute new favourite colour of mine:
With some simple nail art done with Daiso stripe-r nail enamel and some rhinestones and little balls.

Application was breezy easy, however, go easy on the thickness of polish as it tends to bubble especially in the hot, humid Singapore climate (+ summery climates out there). Love this polish and found out that it is very similar to Essie Mink Muffs! Compared the bottles at VIBE lacquer store where I work on Sundays exclusively :P and yes, almost twins except one is a tad darker. GO figure! :P and Seche Vite gives that glossy look I so love! :) Bet Hot Coco would look smokin' with a matte top coat!


grace :) said...

WOW those look great :) great blog

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Thanks :) xoxo

Iza said...

love the colors, looks great! :)