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Monday, June 7, 2010

iron man nails!!!

I stumbled upon this colour combination and i thought it looked like IRON MAN's suit :P
what do you think?
i didnt seal or wrap my tips. i shld have cuz i love this mani to bits.
my first attempt at a Ruffian-inspired one :)
not too bad i wld say, rather neat hehe.
this is taken indoors. not very colour accurate. and without top coat.
it does not shine as well, and it is more of a metal finish. 

im using kitoko kalani's 1224 :) i bought two bottles and gave one away to my friend :) who has kindly gave me 18 of her polishes, used once or twice!
so many to play with now :D:D

and the awesome red is from the SKINFOOD. :)
a deep red rose colour and looks awesomely delicious with L.A girls diamond top coat!!

i cant wait to do another manicure but thats for tomorrow :D
have a good week ahead ladies ;)
hope you like this hehe


Curious Cat said...

nice :D so you apply the gold first or the red first?

but i think it might look nicer with a larger gold portion though :P

Jamie K. said...

Gold first :) then when all dry then do the red :)
hehe and welcome homeeee

Curious Cat said...

ahah thanks the red is really cool. very deep and glossy i like :D

ChaosButterfly said...

Wooh, I love this! So pretty!
And it /does/ look like Ironman's suit!!

April said...


Jamie K. said...

@ChaosButterfly and @April:
thank you ladies! you keep me going ;)