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Saturday, June 12, 2010


been missing for a while now and ive been tired all the time, and very moody and irritable. but am feeling slightly better... with loads of polish!
this is a light brown with silver speacks from THE FACE SHOP :) gifted by a good friend of mine!
then i added a coat of a duochrome (pink/pearl/green) to get this pink effect :) love it! but i keep having accidents with them i took them off. :(

this is a dusty orange that i bought from indonesia! :D its in a very small bottle and i love the colour! applies well too... brand: Bichun

and my Seche whitening kit finally arrived! <3 plus essie's Matte About You! 

Seche Bright, Seche Vite (HURRAY!), Seche Soft (it's been so good for cuticle pushing!), Seche Erase (evaporated much when it reached me..) File, Cuticle Balm and Orange stick <3

ahh my yellowed nails with Seche Bright, white tips, and some glitter...

both are gifted from the same friend! :D
guess how many more?

compliments from my friend who will have her beauty blog soon! ;)

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