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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

swinging back home...

Im back! Had my official last schooling day today. Had a pretty awesome time actually :)
What made it sweeter was the Ben and Jerry's ice cream Mr N got me as a reward..... :D

Answering queries on the Etude House green nail polish in my last post, the # name is: GR606 :) The petit series...

And I have just imported my blog sale here! Am clearing out my nail polish + beauty stash a little by needing the cash and space! :) If you are interested do email me, like Ive said at the end of the Blog Sale page <3

I have 23 likes on my FB page for (Squoval)icious! that's great but I would love more interaction there too :D I have so much to show all of you, been on a winning streak... and I mean it. I hope bad luck does not befall me now that Ive all the luck! My skin condition worsened with the stress of final year project but now that's done so I hope I begin to heal well soon, before I go Taiwan too :D

How have you been? :)


Cheryl said...

Yay you've graduated! No more writing papers and exams! Lovely green polish in the previous post, now you make me want to buy it too even though I don't like greens that much!

F.a.Ellis said...

great blog!'