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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ancient NOTD: mod look

Wow. I have been doing so many filler posts this past 3 months, ever since I blogged a long one about VIBE lacquer store opening. That's in April. It is July now...

I am gonna catch up with the pictures and my own happenings. Bear with me!

This is a really lovely look I created with three polishes and my trusty cheap Daiso black nail art liner.
OPI Pretty at the Premiere (lovely, shimmer red, applies well!)
Nature Republic's blackened silver foil polish
Color Club's Revvvvolution! black holographic polish

Done somewhere end of April cuz I wore it when I turned in my thesis for my Bachelor of Social Science- Sociology. Heh. Didnt do well for the paper but I am finally graduating! My ceremony is at the end of this month!

Love the play of 'textures' in the polishes I've used, although my execution could have been much more precise and neat :) Might try this design again soon!

Do you like it? 

p.s Aishah I have emailed you back cuz I didnt get your email! LOL confusing eh? :/


Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

It may just be me, but your images are replaced with errors from photobucket. I've seen it on a few other's blogs so it may just be me. I wish I could see your photos as they sound fabulous!

AishahJ said...

u emailed me back?i didnt receive any notification:(
hmmm.. ok to end this confusion,
can u pls email me at

Elisa - Nuvole di Bellezza said...

Ciao! Complimenti per il tuo blog, mi piace molto e sono diventata tua follower!

Sarei onorata di averti nei miei iscritti, vieni a visitare il mio blog se ti va!

Grazie e un abbraccio!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Gorgeous! I love your nails!!

AishahJ said...

hi jaime!!

i've received ur giveaway prize in my mail the other day!!
there were sooo many polish!!
i got super excited to swatch them on my nail wheel immediately!! hehe
u totally made my day:)

thank you so much for the gift!! <3<3