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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Studio M- Purple Medallion + Slamming Red

Wow Wee. I managed to swap for these two precioussssssss on MUA. And I am loving them! However gritty they may feel. The glitters in them are great and the base colours are actually very rich and jeweled.

Here's the photo spam:

Slamming Red was gloopy when I opened the bottle. It has been used before I got it. No big deal, I added some Seche Restore to thin it but mostly I just scooped it out and applied it :P


Ash-Lilly said...

Ahh! You've just reminded me that I have both of these in my Helmer. I need to dig them out :)

Lol - the word verification has given me 'unholo' as a word!

SincerelyMally said...

These colors are poppin!! I think I want them