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Thursday, April 29, 2010

More than a hobby...

it is more than JUST a hobby, mind you! Look at what LACQUERIZED has done! all the hard work in one fabulous post and it is a life-saver for me! Now i will be careful with how i describe the polish to be :)

There are 25 types of finishes or kinds of nail polishes! betcha didnt know that!

The ones I'm currently looking out for are the:

1) Holographics
2) Flakies
3) Matte (eBayed Essie Matte About You! uh, long story though, another time!)
4) Holographic glitter
5) String glitter
6) Neon
7) Suede
8) Satin
I just realised, the list goes on lol :P

Click on the link! :)

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