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Friday, April 30, 2010

L.A Girls Robin Blue Creme and Diamond Top Coat!

I need more practice in removing my polish on my toenails :X

Here is what I have just done:

One coat of The Face Shop Whitener as base
3 coats of Robin Blue Creme L.A Girls @S$3 in my school's BHG Bazaar!
and 1 topcoat Diamond Top Coat L.A Girls

with flash
without flash, indoor lighting
Application wasnt all too good :( first coat was streaky, needed 3 to make it ok.But i think it is so thick now! and the polish tends to come together at the end of the nail... :/ 
Both bottles together now. It so happens my bedsheets match the colour :P

What do you think of this? 

just did some simple nail art! i cant resist! there had been some accidents but bah, whatever :P
here goes!

The Face Shop BL 606
i know, no fancy name :(
but it's a very nice bright blue creme :D


Marce said...

This is such a pretty colour!

Jamie K. said...

gracias mi amiga nueva :P

StardustStephanie said...

Very pretty I love the darker blue you added on top!