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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick one. The case of the missing basecoat..

Hi all, I have been heavily disturbed tonight!

A few days back, I posted on my Facebook with regards to my missing Nature Republic basecoat. Loved the brush that flares out a little such that my wide nails can be covered in 2 strokes, and that it prevented me from a lot of green staining! So I had break out my reserves, which happen to be The FaceShop's basecoats. They tend to dry out near the end of the bottle and become super lumpy! So I though i should try another brand's.

So... I even asked my sister if I left it in her room while doing her nails or something... But no. So i searched my room once more. And nope.

So I told my mum about it and she suggested if my cousin, who has been living in my room since the start of this month, has taken it... Well, she's 8 and she loves my nails and nail polish too, I realised. So yea, we searched her bag for a while (she's staying in another cousin's place for the night) and I found a bottle of green liquid in a plastic bottle. I thought could this be some gas-sy drink that she didnt throw out? So I took a whiff and the pungent smell of MY polish remover CHOKED me. I was furious!

No wonder I felt my BIG bottle of remover to be depleting so soon! I just got it 2 weeks ago? It was pungent than usual and I had to use it cuz I bought it. And she had to secretly transfer like almost 100ml into her bottle?! If she needed the remover, she could have asked. And I would teach and show her the proper way to use it! Plus, once she gets back to her place, there will be like 6 other kids around the house. Who knows who might open and drink it or spill it all over?!? The danger of her and the others with this unlabelled bottle of remover just upsets me.

I had already told her some days back that if I am not around, do not ever touch my nail polish remover or other bottles in my room. These have harmful chemicals and not good for young children! So, my words went to waste! I am more disappointed than anything else. I trusted her to be mature about it. Oh well, she is a kid alright....

So my mum said she will handle this matter and hopefully my basecoat can be recovered.

There's more to this story and more feelings I have yet to explicate. I am feeling much better now and just hope that she learns from this.

Me? I think i'm gonna invest in a big locker to house my precious... I hope you understand :(

I also had my first paper today. It was.. alright. I have 2 more papers to the end of my examinations! Cant wait!

And I am also expecting more packages to arrive from now till end of this year! :) Haulage posts will be done up real soon!

Thanks for sticking with me :) <3

I would like to take this opportunity to invite any one of you to leave ur blog link in the comments so that I can visit and follow you too :)



Lady C. said...

Wow. That seriously sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you and I'm sorry that you feel like you have to keep your own things locked up to keep them safe. I'm lucky that the people I've lived with always ask before they go near any of my polishing equipment.

I hope everything gets sorted out for you soon! :(

Orla xx said...

Just found your blog, love it! xx

Cheryl said...

I know how you feel, little kids are just a nightmare sometimes. They're like little wrecking balls, though they can be really cute sometimes.