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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Xmas Manicure #2: Pur-posely Poised (?!)

Haha! What an attempt to come up with a name for this manicure :P

The little hand on the left is my cousin's hand! Haha, they follow me around the house so much I tell ya, it's kinda impossible to study (for my exams) these days!

Purple Base: Zoya Demi
My first Zoya I tried, I got this in a blog sale for quite a bit of money but totally no regrets! Look at how gorgeous this is! Dries darker than the bottle colour. 2 coats to buttery perfection!
Glitters: Etude House LUCIDarling nails- Purple glitter with hexagon and star sequins
Etude House Dear Darling Nails no. 31 purple glitter suspended in clear base. 
The latter provides great coverage! I did 2 coats on my right thumb for base instead of using Zoya. Then one coat of LUCIDarling nails for more sparkly.

Seche Vite needed to prevent grittiness :D

Here's Stompy looking at ya!
We're bringing him to the vet tomorrow, for a checkup on his wet nose and mites. Poor baby, but he will be alright! :D

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Lois said...

I love glitter, I love purple, so this mani is so awesome! :D