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Monday, November 29, 2010

Color Club Wild and Willing over Wet n' Wild Black Creme + Color Club Magic Attraction on little hands :)

Shines wildly in the bright midday sun. Not captured in these spam. Almost a dupe to Orly's Space Cadet. There's purple, pink, green, gold and orange in this layering effort. A coat of Seche hides all bubbling and imperfections :P

2 coats of Magic Attraction :) for a 8 year old cousin :)
Somehow, it peels off her nails after a day or two. Im wondering if its the body chemistry rather than my normal basecoat + CC + topcoat routine... hmm. Gotta do this on me soon. 


colorfulbottle said...

This polish is really beautiful, and your nails are amazing =)

polish lava said...

soooo crazy! I literally bought this polish 2 days ago! Now im sure to use it!

Freshie said...

First pics almost look like a combo of Orly Space Cadet and China Glaze Zombie Zest, interesting!

Christina Leilani said...

Love the polish. I could see me rocking that polish with a nice white colored shirt and blue jeans. I use polish for my moods. I am currently in love with my green polish from Avon.

- Leilani
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you nailed it! said...

it looks weird but so nice!

N.A.P.B said...

Wow Wild and Willing looks gorgeous. Anyways I bought the LA Splash colors from Guardian which is like 100000x more expensive than from CC. No wait after checking it's actually only slightly more pricey since in USD it's about $4. Buy some! They've got like a million colors!!!

April K said...

I love your nails!!! And I find that when I use a base coat it makes the polish peel off like it did on your cousin's nails. most of the time I skip it even though without it, the polish stains my nails :-/
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