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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holo skittles which means a comparison :D

I did a holo skittles cuz I wanted to break in all my Daiso holo polishes at one go!
Red holo :) no. 7

From bottom up:
Black/charcoal holo no. 10
Green holo - From Beauty Credit GN06
Blue holo: no. 9
Silver with some iridescent shimmer with holo: no. 8

China Glaze GR8,  a gold holo, least scattered holo!

From left:
Purple holo: no. 4
Pink holo: no. 3
Beige/orange holo: no. 6
Darker orange holo?: no. 1

As you can tell, Im lacking 2 more Daiso holos :) Havent had the patience to remember the numbers im lacking :P

My mother and sister loved some of them and had me do a mani or two for them with these! :D
What do you think of these?

Daiso holos costs 2SGD for about 5ml, a little pricey but the effect is really not too bad! Granted, it is more scattered holo. Even Beauty Credit has a tad more rainbowy effect in the sun, but Daiso holos apply without streakiness! 2 coats are good. If too thick, due to people testing them in stores, some thinner will do the trick!

Love these!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh! What pretty holos!

Cheryl said...

AHHH I NEED to go to Daiso soon!

N.A.P.B said...

Yay Daiso rocks