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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

French Attempt + some Suede + Zoya surprise!

 I suck at French... manicure that is. Tried for a look with longer with tips and less nailbed. hmm. 
 Added a coat of NYX Girls French Nude. 
 Then with some Nail Sparks from Daiso. Really pretty polish with multi coloured sparkles in a nude french base. 
Then I took it off. Smudged :P and I didnt feel up to it.
 Final look after I tried some Color Club's Wild and Willing... Ugh. Was lazy to find a good opaque base... :P So took out my 2 untried Suedes. You'll Always Have Paris and You Dont Know Jacques. Im sticking to French, you see. LOL
 Index fingers are glossed with Seche Vite

 Glossed index. 
 Love this skirt of mine. Need to get another similar one. Hmm.
 Well, im missing out on the BOGO for Zoya but incidentally, I got myself 5 from a local seller! SGD 10 each... ;)
This is Harley. 

They all have shimmer to them. But not captured though. Grr. Might be that the sunlight wasnt strong enough? :/

Any swatches you wanna see? :) 


Melanie said...

I want to see all your Zoya Swatches! :D Can't Wait!

N.A.P.B said...

Hi, where did you get your Zoyas from? Would love to know 'cos Zoyas in SG are a rarity.

Thanks! :)

Jamie K. said...

@N.A.P.B, i got them from a seller who advertised on 88db. email at and ill pass u the contact ;)

Dylana Suarez said...

So many beautiful nail colors!

Just came across your blog!

Cheryl said...

Can't wait to see the Zoya swatches! I decided to get polishes from the RBL sale so had to pass this up. I never knew Daiso sold such pretty polishes, must really give it a visit soon!