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Monday, November 1, 2010

Long overdueeeeee~ + NAIL MAIL!

 The legendary lazy-ass in my house, after me, of course!

 Used 2 kinds of purple here: one by Nature Republic, one by China Glaze First Class Ticket (ring finger) + rhinestones
Close up of the Nature Republic's colour. Pardon the bubbling :( took me 3 coats as polish was rather sheer.A little frosty finish to it, but also metallic. Hmmm.
The right hand: 2 kinds of blue: one by The Face Shop, one by Orly La Playa (ring finger) + rhinestones
The blue by TFS has pink and purple sparkles, very pretty... 
As seen in this pic :D 
Now for some red jelly :) 2nd attempt with Elianto's Grape Vine! Loved it this time round. Squishy jelly indeed and dries so glossy, no topcoat needed! The middle finger had more polish on, hence a darker red... 
A right hand design with a mega crystal on it LOL. 
VNL. But doesnt bother me! Under OTT light and artificial lighting, looks vampy ;) but in the sun, looks like a pin-up red! <3
Left hand: Added Lubu Heels by China Glaze to my index finger in a V shape... added Orly Red Carpet on ring finger... and added Golden Rose Care + Strong red glitter on middle... 
Trying out how the glitter works on this as a base :) 
Bottle shot :)

Orange with golden shimmer (almost glass flecky) with hand drawn leopard prints lol.
Loved ChG's Orange Marmalade, and this is my closest version to it, so I am not getting that! *phew*

 Added some glittery orange polish by Caerphilly over it. Bad idea. :(
 My right hand looks better :) did the glittery before the leopard prints :) but looks a little un-leopardy LOL.
 I've got mail!!! :D From USA! wheee
 Goodies I won from Kimberly's Vampy Giveaway on her blog :)
 She threw in delicious goodies!!!
 And make up items too! oh my!
my mum was so excited about it she swatched some on her hand lol before I could unwrap my polishes lol... :D
Thank You Kimberly for this awesome package!! :)


Cheryl said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway! The polishes look so cool! I don't understand why no one sells polishes in twin packs in Singapore, the Disco Duo pair is so cute!

Katrina said...

wow! congrats on winning! & your manis are so pretty!!~

Lacky said...

Dude, you have gorgeous nails!