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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nailed It: VIBE lacquer store Official Opening @ China Sq Central

7th April  2011.

I was really honoured to be invited as a guest blogger to cover the event by Melva, the owner of Nail Vibe whom I purchased some of my OPIs/Orlys/ChinaGlazes from, and now a proud co-owner of VIBE!

Looking really cozy, girly with the pinks and floral motifs too.

As with all(most) shop openings in Singapore, a red piece of paper is used to cover up the signboard for unveiling at an auspicious time! 1pm was it.

I was proud to be a VIBE Concierge that day ;) With the blinged out tag and furry pens :)) Well, I also started work as an employee for VIBE store that day too!

Both sides of the store, I forgot to add in the other wall with the TINS, PA, Zoya and Essies :)
Yes, it's a piece of heaven on earth for me!

And I walked into a garden too when I first arrived way before her guests did...

Im gonna show you one of my current and most expensive lemming from the store...

This shelf has nail polishes, Swarovski blinged evening clutches and bags as well as jewelry!

And my favourite..
All maxxxed out. Yes. Bling-porn. 

These are designed by Melva and look at the motif...
Simple and classy, just the way I like it too!

VIBE is a one-stop for lacquer lovers, with all sorts of glitter, bling and other nail accessories...
Nail swatches are provided for some of the lacquer in-store...
Even Shrek made a cameo :) and thats me :D

Crackle Glaze in a shelf, 6 shades... for just SGD11!

Nail Vibe's polish remover (acetone) and cuticle remover (re-packaged from Blue Cross)

Another lovely clutch and also you see OPI Black Shatter on Michele, the other owner's nails :)

Here is she with a lovely black clutch!

And here's Melva with some champagne and the lovely clutch I am lemming after!

Here's Christine, my co-worker at VIBE

and this is us!

Me and Melva :)

My overall thoughts of the store: I love how it is all well-stocked with a huge array of OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, Orly, Essie, TINs, PA lacquers and treatments... as well as those lacquer sets :) The environment is so cozy as well, I will surely enjoy working there. 

I loved talking to fellow nail fanatics at the store too, mixing and matching lacquer colours according to their skin tone and of course, they spend while I watch on LOL. It used to be the other way round, you know...

May business prosper!!! 
This is not a paid advertorial. All opinions here are solely mine and very honest! Any questions, do direct them to me @


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Love this post. Too cool that you get to blog about the store and work in the store and enjoy everything. Sounds exciting.

Kee said...

OMG Jamie...if I ever went there I think I'd go mad and get whiplash from trying to look at everything at once!

What a great store!! =)

ChaosButterfly said...

Ahhhh I'm so so so jealous...working in a store that sells nail polish.
And current nail polish at that.
Be still, my heart.

GothamPolish said...

How fun! Thank you for sharing all these photos! I can't believe this store - maybe they will think about opening next in NYC :)

Anna said...

Hope you have fun! Loved this post, cute photographs :)

Aishah said...
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Aishah said...

hey jamie!!

i came by nail vibe today.. was the one wearing the grey top and the long denim skirt.. came wif my bf.. remember me?? forgot to mention tt i'm one of ur blog readers to u when we were talking.. was too excited over all the polishes i guess.. haha.. anyways, jus wanna thank you for the wonderful help at the shop and helping me find my polishes:) too bad i couldn't buy more coz i was on a budget:( bf sitting at the cashier counter was observing me and would definitely make noise if i went over budget.. haha

so once again, thank you!! hope to swing by the shop a 2nd time once i have saved enough money!! <3

Jamie K. said...

OMG Aishah!! YES I RMB U!!! :D :D :D OMG u made my day eheheh :D it waas great serving u as a customer! how did your Konad shopping go? :D ur bf is really patient thou! most guys who came with their gfs refused to step in the shop else they came in with an irritated angry face LOL! :) it was great seeing u! yes do swing by soon ok? :D i work only on Sundays thou!

and i liked how u did your eyeliner! i was so distracted while talking to u LOL :D


Aishah said...

haha.. thank you 4 ur compliment on my bf.. he was smiling so widely when he read it.. LOL.. yeah he's very supportive of my nail polish addiction and he always accompanies me on my nail polish hunt with no complains! sometimes he even chooses my nail polish colours 4 me!! haha

and u liked my eyeliner? i tot it wasn't the best application since i was in a rush coz i was late and made bf wait for half an hour 4 me to get ready.. LOL.. but thanks anyways!!

my Konad shopping went well:) bought two image plates and a few Konad polishes with the stamp and scraper since they came in a package.. didnt wanna buy so much in case i dunno how to use them!! haha

and i guess i was lucky tt i went to the shop on a sun!! if not i would have missed meeting u!! hope to see u again!!

and keep up the good work with your blogs!! love reading them!! :):)