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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lunar New Year- rabbit nails :D

It's hard not to get inspired by nail bloggers I tell ya... So here goes a very dated mani I did for the CNY :)

Carrots for the bunnies. Look away if the eyes scare you... :/ sorry!

Mandarin orange, anyone? :)

I love my colourful kiddy bedsheets :D haha! 
I used quite a few lacquers for this look, mainly due to making the right red I want for a good contrast with the bunnies :)
Bunnies are drawn with Daiso nail art stripers, not easy but I managed quite a decent job!
Gotten many compliments from this mani, even strangers at Elianto store ;) Yes, was stocking up on some pretty lacquers ;) 

Hope you all had an awesome CNY break, recharging for the new year ahead! :D


Trincess said...

this is freaking cute! <3

Silence is Loud said...

this is so cute!

KarenD said...

Adorable! I think the carrots are my favorite part. :)

Beauty shades said...

So cute this design :)

Linnie said...

Oh how sweet!!

Xiaoxin (小心) said...

i know cny is over but i still wanna do the rabbit nails!!!! cute!! and it reminds me of Kele!!! hahahah!

Cheryl said...

It's still CNY... one more day! The bunnies are so cute! The pair of bunnies actually looks like a pair of fluffy bunny slippers! I bet all your relatives must have commented on them.

jaljen said...

Absolutely LOVE this! The rabbits, the carrots. The LOT.