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Friday, February 11, 2011

look what arrived in the mail!

4 packages reached me :D in one day! wheeeee~~

let's see...

Jessica from Born Pretty Store sent me these items to play with :D The gold chrome nails look sooooo good, now Im just waiting for a good day to wear 'em ;) I used the pearls already, in a gorgeous simple mani :D and the last item is a orange manicure soaking bowl :) ahhhh, full home spa treatment awaits ;)

Ordered these off a FB store with a special price of 4SGD a piece! Revlon Chrome polishes and Loreal Touch On Colour for eyes and cheeks :) 

Gonna try them out soon ;) 

I also won the BIG Giveaway from Kimberly at her 2010 year end Mini Massager give-away! :D The items arrived and I was SOOOO HAPPY:)

Its my second win from her in a span of a few months and she has remembered how i loved the Reese's and candies so she got me some more :D Im such a child. 

The Massager came into good use for me and my family. Although the initial jolt was pretty scary for me, the massage worked well to soothe pains and helped relax :) 
Thanks so much Kimberly!! <3

I also received some facial masks samples from Mei Mei Signatures, also a FB shop :) But this is with 3 crackle nail polishes I bought from her too! Really awesome crackle, I'll review it in a later post :D

I have gotten a burgundy shimmery shade, a dark brown shimmery shade and a black shatter dupe :) Dries matte, add a topcoat for gloss :) 
Cant wait to show you!

I have more haul posts to show... and my CNY manicure! HAHA :D


Xiaoxin said...

so many loots!! woohoo!

jaljen said...

Thank goodness for goodies.

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Woot Woot! on the fun stuff :)

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Cheryl said...

Ooh what's the website for the Revlon chrome polishes? I'm looking for good chromes to konad with!