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Thursday, July 8, 2010

my first China... Glaze! :D

Ordered my first two China Glazes from TD last month... or so. And could hardly decide on which two since i was on a tight budget.. wait, i still am -.-

and it is in times like this that i TRULY APPRECIATE swatches from all my awesome Nail Bloggers 'seniors' :D So i chose...

edit: not that i dont enjoy reading all the nail blogs! but i really really rely on ur swatches when i can get my hands on some! :D


to be frank, i didnt quite like it when i saw the bottle. I saw a lot of silver and a red-brown brick base. But my bf loved it.
 took me long enough to pick this up and try it after revisiting lovely blog swatches! :)

i love it on me... suits my skin tone :) application was rather easy, no need for much cleanup as it helps you to paint accurately on ur nails :P
having fun with the camera's macro shot... love the holo glitter :) like diamond dusted nails.
these photos are rather colour accurate... i added Seche Vite to prevent the grainy feel...
but after 3 days of wear.. i added Matte about You!

the holo glitter definitely toned down a lot... (somewhat like how im feeling.. :( ) but the finish looks like some kinda granite... feels smooth thou and i love it :D
love it so much i did my leftie in this! <3
What do you think?

oh you may wanna guess my other ChG polish ;) shouldnt be too hard!

P.s thank you for the replies ladies, your comments really warm my heart! :)


jaljen said...

I haven't seen many swatches of this. It should be more popular. Peeps seem to concentrate on steadily acquiring new collections but by no means all the new polishes match the quality of previous offerings. This is a very unusual polish and the addition of matte was inspired!

Jillian said...

I also haven't seen alot of swatches of this color either, in fact, I don't think I have period. I actually really enjoyed the color, but I already just love earthy brown tones ^^ looks good on you!