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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Skittles French Mani + Mermaid-ee Mani :)

been some time huh.
well my internship has come to an end today. mixed emotions indeed. but i'll be back soon enough for the Opening of the Sumatra: Isle of Gold exhibition :D

Shall do my nails in the whole colour theme come next thursday ;)

And first, let me show me my happy skittles mani over the weekend and the nice mermaidy nails for today...

it has been raining so much lately... :(
i love my cuticles here... cuz i used the cuticle remover :) and cleaned my nail beds rather cleanly(!)
i used THE FACESHOP new bottled nail polish :) except for the mint green, its from Bichun :)

lovely bottle isnt it?
Etude House, duochrome polish :)
BL 009
Application was real good, 2 coats to get a deep colour as seen on the bottle.
taken it pretty dark to show the green... flashes all the time under the light, best under strong sunlight! the vibrant blue shows very well too. noticed the accent nail? :) its opal-ish glitter suspended in a cloudy base lol... from Indonesia, just trying it out as a layering polish.

dont you just love this too? :)

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