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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Seems like all that I have been looking forward to isnt happening.
Im just so unhappy everyday at work.. I feel like I have stopped learning.
No one is really giving a shit about me at work. So.. alienated.

Really frustrating too. Seem to be doing the 'wrong' things. Either i do too much or too little.
The effort and expectations never seem to match.

It frustrates me so much I feel so unhappy each morning when I wake.
And the drizzling or heavy thunderstorms mornings here dont help motivate me to get to work.

I am at the end of it, leaving in just ten days.
And as much as now I know this kind of job is not my cup of tea... where do I go now?

I have some thoughts but airing them on a public platform like this is not a right time.
I shall mull over it and well, try to feel better.

Have never felt like this before. So upset about work. Sigh.

On a positive side note (Im trying very hard now), what nail colour should i go with tonight?
1) Glass flecked sweet pink

2) Vampy dark purple glass flecked

3) Lime green with golden sparkles

4) Indigo shimmer

5) ChG Atlantis

6) Black holo

Thank you for reading the whole depressing rant  post.


rachelseah said...

babe, you quitting your job? yup its time to leave :) haha what are you looking for? what kinda job?



sabbatha said...

I know what you mean. I have almost the same in my job.

Do a mani with funny lime green, you will feel better :*

Michelle said...

Take care! I'd go for the Lime Green :)

jaljen said...

Atlantis! Just keep plodding on. One day/hour/minute at a time.