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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sasatinnie Flakies find!

Wandered around Sasa one day... and I found 2 bottles of Flakies in a jelly opaque base!
Tried one... not totally lovin it as the flakies seemed small? lol when compared to Nfu Ohs... or at least im under that impression..
it reminds me of ChG's grape juice lol... its more grapey irl...
as usual, camera hates purple :( and a closeup!
i dont love it too much but dont hate it either. plus its kinda vampy... :)
what say you? :)


StardustStephanie said...

I do like that. It is similar to grape juice but more "grapey". I prefer that I felt Grape Juice didn't have enough purple in it.

Orlica said...

I've just fall in love to this polish.
Visit my blog if you want - :)