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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nature Republic holo goodness, DS Glow, my interpretation of Paradoxal and a cracked mani!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I assume there are some men who reads my blog :P
Been some time now and Im back with some more mani shots :D

Berry T introduced me to the new Korean brand Nature Republic that has just arrived in Singapore. I took a good look around and gotten myself 3 new polishes :D affordable prices and big bottles! yay!
And here is my mani of the day...
taken under artificial light... night shot.
a nice medium brown base with scattered holo. gorgeous shade and totally work appropriate.

taken in flash
i think FYL 702 means Forest Yellow 702 lol. It is under a series called Forest Colours :) cool huh?

will take day pictures tomorrow if it does not rain...

this is a beautiful DS Glow from OPI :) Love this so much... looks like foil, but it shimmers more than just coppery orange color but also a bit of green and pink micro 'glitter' :) very shiny in the sun :) prefect for summer! 2 coats is needed as 1st coat is thin, applies well and removes easy too! highly recommended.

this is a THE FACESHOP polish that is actually a jelly :) pleasant surprise, and it applies very well. Wanted a neutral colour after all the stronger colours lately.. added a coat of purple shimmer.. giving it a very special duochrome finish.
Chanel Paradoxal is darker with more subtle shimmer than what I have :) but i cant ever afford that price tag~

i filed my nails but not well done as the polish does not get to the tips well :/
my crackled nail polish! :D its a pretty turquoise colour achieved with a semi-wet golden base and an electric blue liquidy polish over it. when it dries, it crackles and the colours somehow got overlapped, creating a pretty colour that was sadly not well captured in these photos. will do it again soon :) in these photos i have also mattified them :) with Essie Matter About You...


jaljen said...

You are spoiling us today with some great pix. Nice nails, lady!

Jamie K. said...

@jaljen, thank u so much for ur comment! i was pic spamming mostly :P glad u liked them :D

Miss Krimson said...

Ooh cool nail polish that cracks....thats different...never heard of a product actually doing that.... just found your blog. new follower for sure. hope you can check out my blog and return the favour!

The Polish Parade said...

Glow reminds me of a MAC pigment I own (can't think of the name). It's gorg! I featured your swatch on my blog and I wanted to come by and give you a heads up :)