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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Humanized and limed up! :D

First up, thank you ladies for the lovely comments and help :)
The magical thing about ranting it off and getting it off my chest and (to add a cherry on top!) receive lovely comments and concern... is that Im feeling better already! Even if things arent looking up by each day :)

Have decided to go with the lime green :) it is so super sparkly that... IM IN LOVE WITH IT.
and I have also used happyberrynaiad's gift from June, a S-he green glitter to accent the lefties :D

think of it as a very apple green but very shimmery! it blinds me in the strong sunlight and i love it! it distracts me from the unhappiness that crawls up on me..

Ahh how i love this hobby :)

My bf prefers the one with the glitter, but im undecided lol. Im kinda dreading the removal process :/ maybe it is because ive switched to non-acetone removals... :/

I think this is a very special colour... and Im kinda glad i picked this up! Elianto @ Tampines Mall for SGD 5.50, application is not a pain in the ass! 3 thin coats are sufficient and dries pretty fast actually! I used L.A Girls Diamond topcoat for the one with glitter to smoothen it out. The other is just the nail colour :)


sabbatha said...

I'm glad that you in better mood right now :) I really like your nails:)

Ashley A. said...

I love these two greens!

Jazzsquared and Macksquared said...

oh soo prettyyyy! i love it and its perfect for summer! your blog is so cute! check out mine :)