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Thursday, July 1, 2010

stardusted nails... part 1

I dont know if i should do a series of these... but i realised ive been liking this kind of nails... well, you will see...

Arezia red #691 and L.A Girls Rockstar Overdose :)

SKINFOOD Nail Vita BR612 and NYX Girls CN214 Showgirl :)
had the first one on my left hand and the other one on my right hand lol :)

Love the subtle bling under dimmer lights.. and the SKINFOOD bronze is very reflective in sunlight! though not captured here.
overall smooth application for all! Arezia took two to three coats for the colour to be like in the bottle. Two coats for SKINFOOD. 

What do you think of these??


KarenD said...

I like them, especially the bronze!

StardustStephanie said...

These are so pretty!

susies1955 said...

Reall great idea. SO very pretty.

jaljen said...

Great idea. I should try this. I love the way you rock different manis on your 2 hands. I do that. It's great way to get variety into life!