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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be here and be Squovalicious! winner is..


ImperfectPaint has kindly helped me pick a number between 1 - 51 on my twitter. and it is 47! :)

Congrats Ezzy!
Get back to me soon :D

normal blogging will resume in a bit! been feeling a little inertia lately :/ but still doing my manicures! *phew*


Lady M said...


Ezzy said...

yayy I'm so happy :D
do u want me to email you?

Toesthattwinkle! said...


Jamie K. said...

@Ezzy, i have sent u an email! reply me yep?

Ezzy said...

Hey Jamie
I haven't received your email yet. I did sent you an email earlier on the one listed in your blogger profile.

Jamie K. said...

@Ezzy, maybe u gave me the wrong email lol. got urs. i
ll email u when i have sent it out. shld be by tomorrow!