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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Near dupe to WIng It! OPI + Comparing Essence's VIP Appeal and Essie's Knockout Pout

On the left: OPI Wing It!
On the right: Nature Republic ERC 302
Both have the blue, pink, purple flecky finish in the same pink base. Nature Republic's more opaque. OPI is more glass flecky than Nature Republic. Not sure if the duochromy finish would be obvious on Nature Republic. :/ I only did finger swatches. If you are interested, I will show a full swatch soon!
Thumb: Essence's VIP Appeal
Other fingers: Essie's Knockout Pout
Essie is a strong neon pink that i love so much! Doesnt make my skin looks dark and dirty. Essence's VIP Appeal is a softer pink, something like a Barbie pink to me. Very feminine, i'd wear it as a full mani!

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p.s I will do up a post on Stompy real soon! He's indeed cute :)


R3Beauty said...

Love both pinks on you. I have been wanting to make a bubble gum pink and haven't quite got it yet. But I have Essence VIP appeal, so maybe I will break that out!

Enamel Girl said...

i can't remember if i purchased that essie color but the essence is a great alternative! very pretty on you!

hermetic said...

I have this VIP appeal but mine appears to be of different shade, exact dupe of OPI Party in my cabana. essence does this, changes shades often. I love your nails :)