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Friday, October 15, 2010

Too busy to do your nails? | Her World Singapore

Too busy to do your nails? | Her World Singapore


Do read this short short article before reading on...


My response? EEEW.
I hate looking at chipped nails on shorter nails, even on myself with longer nails! Im sure removing an old manicure does not take u too long! So NO EXCUSE there!

It is like a 'trend' in Singapore i admit, i have been seeing lots of chipped manicures, some barely a scrape of polish...

Some on their toes!

To each his(her) own, but i rather wear covered shoes to avoid showing them in public. And it is a big no-no for me to be spotted with chipped nails!

What about you, what do you think? 


Lady M said...

No, No, No, No

Tread or not....NO

I am sorry, but chipped nails look dirty. Dirty nails is not a welcomeing sight. I work in a "fashion forward" job and am known for some off the way nails at time, but if I walked in with perfectly chipped nail and claimed with was a trend, they would send me home with out pay!

One last time...NO.

Just paint your nails correctly, and stop trying to make a trend out of lazy-ness.

Great post though,

Jamie K. said...

@Lady M, I agree wholeheartedly with ya!! chipped nails has this dirty, unkempt quality to it. ugh

The Madd Crafter said...

Now, I'll admit I have a bad habit of pickin at my nail polish...but this is just ridiculous. Not a fan in the least little bit. Nope.

Jake said...

Chipped is OUT! It looks like the wearer just doesn't care - and how can you not care about your nails???
Besides, it's fun to do them, and when they turn out well, it's very satisfying too. :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Chipped nail polish is like smeared make-up, none would wear it without any problem!

Cheryl said...

Those chipped nails look fake, just splotches of red, so it's not too bad. I think genuinely chipped nails look awful!

Anonymous said...

What a weird trend!
This is not for me.

Jamie K. said...

Im so glad to know im not the weird one hehe :) thank u for taking the time to click the link read and click to comment :) love ya all!

ChaosButterfly said...

*tardy for the party*
But no no no ew!
Even before I grew this nail obsession, chipped polish grossed me out, which is why I just never wore any.

And now, I'm especially grossed out by them. I see them alot on my campus, although I don't think it's on purpose. But anyway, I hate it. Especially when it's just one tiny dot of polish in the center of the nail...just get some remover and take it off!!! There's no point in even keeping it there anymore.

It just looks messy and like you don't care about your appearance. Like wearing stained clothes or not combing your hair. just no.

Jamie K. said...

not late at all! :D
we need to educate these lazy asses. if they paid me a dollar for each pair of hands i help clean up, i'd earn enough for more giveaways HAHA :D