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Saturday, October 9, 2010

in the mood for glitter love..

I have not laid my hands on any Burlesque yet! Argh~ I know.. but I have two glitters to tide me through this lemming... so until I decide it's time to get some, I'll rely on these to make me happy. Besides, it is a PITA to remove them! haha. 

These are shots of this awesome shiny glittery goodness I had on for abt 3 days :) 
The base was done with Beauty Credit's Silver Drop, featured in my haul post just recently.
Then I did two coats of Armour Rain Glitter, careful to fully coat the half of the nail from the cuticle.

Then i added 2  -3 coats of Finger Paints' Wicked Glitter from the tip. To create the gradient, focus on the tips and stop halfway down the nail. 
I topped it with Nail It silver glitter and hex hologram in clear base, frm the cuticle outwards. The silver glitter will add a clearer gradient look :)
Topped with topcoat to prevent the gritty nail surface from pulling hair strands when running hands over hair HAHA! vain, i know :P

p.s the first two photos are taken by my sister with Lumix LX5 :) 

Love the bottle of Finger Paints, round and bottom heavy. The brush works awesome too! Both glitters dried fast so better to work fast while u uncap them. Im gonna thin them a bit before I use them again! 
This is an absolutely quick and dirty mani that I suggest for days u are tired and just need to have shiny awesome nails to spice ur day up! 
I also suggest using this technique with the Burlesque glitters!!! I wanna see how they look :D 
Just a heads up, look out for the next post! ;) 


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Using the foil method for removing glitters makes it much easier - just FYI:)

Jamie K. said...

@ABOP, i use that! haha but still, glitter gets everywhere, im just too clumsy :P

Toesthattwinkle! said...

wicked glitter really is wicked! love it!

Catanya said...

Hi there!
I am quite obsessed with glitter nails at the moment! I love silver glitter or pink glitter ones!I agree it is a pian in the neck to remove the glitter though,...

Leslie said...

Wow, your nails look gorgeous! :D
I am also lemming for the Burlesque collection.
I'm a new follower. Follow back?

Anonymous said...

that's some awesome glitter