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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Be here and be Squovalicious!

Thank you for the blogger love :)
To celebrate 100 followers and more, here are the 'local' polishes I am giving away!

There are not exactly awesome brands that are locally made in Singapore so I found these polishes that are locally available and mostly made in South Korea, or perhaps all! lol.

A disclaimer, I bought them all with my money and I cannot guarantee that they are big-3 free. They are all brand new, unswatched. And so, I hope you could do a swatch post when you get them :) Or give me some feedback as whether you like them or not!
 Nature Republic: ERD 301
Deep red shimmer
 SKINFOOD Nail Vita: BL 512
Green base with blue shimmer
Green shimmer
 Sasatinnie FCRD001
Peach colour (pic is not colour accurate)
Sasatinnie FCBB002
Blue with silver shimmer particles
This has a blueberry scent to it! Well, it says so haha!

Here's how to enter!
Fill in the form as below. I regret to inform that only GFC followers are entitled to this giveaway! You must be a public follower.
You may follow me @_waxlyrical on Twitter and RT this post for an extra entry.
You may follow this blog on BlogLovin' by clicking on the right icon there for an extra entry.
And for my own interest, do let me know which polishes featured here tickle your fancy! :)
Do leave me any comments if you have~

This giveaway will end on 17th October, 2010. As long as it is still 17th October anywhere in the world, I'll count it in!

International :)

p.s INSANE! I just won a Vampy Giveaway on Libby's Pink Vanity! <3

in case you are wondering, the mani spotted in these pics will be in my next mega post! stay tuned~


Cheryl said...

Hey babe, where do you get Clatty and Nature Republic? The bottles look really pretty!


those colors are absolutely fab!
come follow xoo

Lady M said...

I was wondering where you get the skin food one?

Jamie K. said...

@Lady M, we have SKINFOOD outlets in Singapore :) easily available!

xnosugaraddedx said...

those colours look great! Altho I cant find CLATTY and Nature republic here in Malaysia but I'm gonna try get those Skinfood and Sasatinnie ones! Great taste in colors! :D

Jake said...

Green/blue and teal just get me goin' for some reason. Love 'em!