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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i have reached the 1gb storage :(
and I have a photobucket account. Will this work for the blog? :(


amusedPolish said...

do you know how much kb an average picture you post has? you can downsize it with any picture-retouching programme (i.e. paint on windows).
If you use paint, save the image 2x so an average 1.5mb picture will be downsized to ~350kb without any "damage" to the quality.

Hope that helps

BelleJoie said...

Hi hun!
Try Flickr! :)

April K said...

im assuming that u use phoptobucket for editing. you can go to download dot cnet dot com and search for Photoscape. its a photo editor and it works soo good. its what i use and best of all, its free!