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Monday, January 3, 2011

Last manicure of 2010!

Blingtastic!!! <3
What a way to send off 2010 and bring in 2011!
This is a gradient manicure attempted with
Finger Paint's Wicked Glitter,
Amore's Rain Glitter,
Daiso's gold hexgon glitter,
OPI Sparkle-iscious,
OPI Show it and Glow it!,
OPI Absolutely Alice

topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite (one after the other, to prevent excessive shrinkage)


On a wicked note, I won a digital massager from Kimberly, again! (won her Vampy giveaway earlier this year!) What a New Year's Eve :D 

Also received a lovely purple/red franken I named Par-rad [Parade//] from Chris <3 The package took some time, due to the season I suppose but was soooooo happy when it came!! <3

Now Im contemplating what should my 2011 manicure be! Hmmm...

And I would love to thank all of you who read and comment on my blogposts :):) You dont know how much encouragement it gives me everyday. EVERYDAY. :) Sending you some love...


Ash-Lilly said...

Yay, glitter! Lovely.

polish lava said...

wow! glittertastic! <3 it

siwing said...

wow it's very pretty !!

Lúcia Carvalho said...

Hi jamie, nice blog and lovely nails too. kisses from Portugal

jaljen said...

Thanks for doing my survey!

N.A.P.B said...

hi~ got your Fantasea yet? 'cos I think I just found a dupe by this Jap brand.

damn I must've typed this a million times....the page keeps stopping itself from loading halfway

Christina Leilani said...

LOVE THE GLITTER!!! Did you layer between 2 minutes or did you wait longer?

- Christina Leilani