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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scandal's Chic Purple with blue flakies

 reminds me of OPI's Teas-y Does It, and btw Burlesque was pretty awesome ;)) Cher's character is Tess but Im not sure how 'Teas' became the name of the polish lol. This is a dark purple with magenta shimmer, very vampy :)

and this is Chic Purple on crack lol. The blue flakies glowed in the bed of the deep purple goodness. Very pretty! The polish I used to layer does not look good actually, it has nice blur flakies suspended in a pool of poo-y brown gel-like jelly. HAHA, no pics! :D

and the lovely sexy corsetted nail polish bottle, Scandal. It is a Korean brand and has aloe vera ingredients in it to protect the nails :) SGD 9.90
Love it!


jaljen said...

Those blue flakies are fabulous. I can't get enough flakies. Either IN a polish or layered as a ...layer.

Cheryl said...

Ooh the purple is so sexy! Where did you buy Scandal from? It totally looks like Nfu-Ohs.

BelleJoie said...

Such a sexy color.
& the bottle too!
Seems like the packaging on Korean brands just keeps getting better and better.

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

A beautiful marriage of layering. Absolutely love the depth the flakies add to the original lacquer.

Kendal said...

Hahaha, the bottle looks like an Nfu Oh bottle, but with boobs! It made me stop for a second, like "Whaaaat?"

I thought maybe it was an old school bottle of Nfu Oh, before they hacked the polish-bottle-lady's boobies off.

XD Either way, great combo!

emmajoy said...

What an Nfu oh copycat! Where did you get it from? What other colours did they have?