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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Orly Red Carpet - A sister of Ruby Pumps?

This is Orly's Red Carpet :)
Bright red jelly with silver and red glitter. Dries a bit dark and rough, a layer of Seche Vite is needed and it shines so prettily.
This is taken without Seche Vite. Sorry for the bleeding out.
Somehow i feel that the photos dont do it justice :( it looks a tad more orangey here but its a red red in real life :(
have a good weekend anyways~


jaljen said...

Pumps is more of a blue-red as I remember. And has more overt sparkle? This is coming over as orange-y to me, as you say.

Jamie K. said...

ahhh u are right abt the overt sparkle :) i cldnt find the right word for that :)
blue-red? im not good with such descriptions but... u are prolly right! lol.
looks like a fire engine red :)

Ice Queen said...

This is gorgeous polish and while it looks fairly close to Ruby Pumps, I wouldn't call it a dupe. As another commenter has said, Ruby Pumps is a cooler red and the glitter/sparkle is more pronounced.

But now, I think I need this one, too. I am a sucker for a good red glitter. lol