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Friday, August 6, 2010

OPI Ink with CND Jade Sparkle

First off, i dont actually understand why OPI Ink is a hot fave... cuz indoors it seems like a black polish and outside... i dont really see the colour? :( is it the Singapore sun?

I have had this polish for more than a year.. it is one of the two OPIs i have ever bought... the other is Do You Lilac It?

I am thinking of swopping these two away... they are at abt 90 percent... or even more :)
Pls leave me a comment here and ur email if u are interested!

Ok enough ranting here goes.

nothing spectacular eh? i thought so too. gah.

Looks good in sunlight thou as the Jade Sparkle really works nicely to give a Jade green hue against the dark eggplant colour... but OPI Ink, you failed to inked yourself onto my heart. sigh.



jaljen said...

These near-blacks are useless. But the Sparkle redeems it a bit...

Lisa Van said...

that colour is insane! <3

KarenD said...

Interesting effect with the sparkle; I wouldn't have guessed Jade anything would look like that over the Ink.

Musicalhouses said...

LOL I think maybe that's just how the polish is...If the bright Singapore sun can't bring out the shimmer/glow/sparkle, then it probably doesn't exist very much, LOL! Maybe some people use lightboxes to take those full-of-shimmer photos? I've no idea. Usually brighter sunlight = better view of the shimmer, so it's odd that it doesn't show in Singapore. Anyway, I never knew you were Singaporean (or more like I've never really noticed), I'm so excited to meet a fellow Singaporean beauty/nail blogger! :D Woohoo!

emmajoy said...

I do quite like my OPI INK because of the duochrome (I love duochromes). Maybe the CND Effect masked the duochrome effect?

misscarley said...

What a unique layering combo! I love it!

I *really* need to use my OPI Ink... I have never tried it and it has been in my stash for over a year now!