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Thursday, August 19, 2010

and here comes Motivation, with a big M!

The reason why I am writing this post is because of KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish! She has very kindly tagged me for this lovely award:

Sweet cupcakes, so yummilicious! Thank you Karen, you are very kind :)

It is always good to know that my reader(s)? appreciate looking at exotic brands that arent available in their own countries... :) I shall swatch more of my untried onces before swatching the Color Clubs, CG, OPI, Orly, Essie.. :) These are serious lemmings! haha

Ok, back to the Award :)

The rules for this one:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 things I like
1. Sleeping in on a rainy, stormy weekend morning... with Stompy resting under my bed :)  He/she* likes dark little corners a lot, presumably cooler for this little furry, temperamental ball of fur. *We checked with two vets, one said it's a he, one said it's s she. :/
2. A messy desk. I am one of those who loves her sense of order in the mess that others see, ahem* my mum i mean :P I am sure there are more out there... maybe i just feel secure and less lonely with clutter on my desk... hmmm. :)
3. Wobbling. I wobble (moving my torso side to side while seated) or vibrate (depending on your perspective) when I enjoy good food :) But i enjoy the feeling of wobbling more than good food itself. Ha! Im weird i know. Wobbling becomes an instinctive thing i do nowadays, haha, awesome.
4. Desserts! Im a sweets person, not savoury kinda person. Waffles, ice cream, traditional Chinese desserts, riceballs... yum. I used to devour one tub of ben and jerry's in one night :)
5. great rock music! not those heavy metal rock, but moderate ones? lol. hard to explain indeed. I have some favourite Chinese bands... and singers.
6. dance music in the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga.. for those crazy nights..
7. cats! I think this is recent, I love the soft purriness of young kittens and the matured, sexiness and nonchalance of cats... hmmm. I could live with kittens and cats :D
8. walks in the night with my loved one. I love to talk. I hope you can tell by now.. i love to just communicate with persons. though i can be shy or look really fierce when i do not smile... facade, people, facade! I am truly happy to have found someone to spend my night walks with.. :)
9. Singing Karaoke! We call it 'sing k' in Singapore lol. I love this form of entertainment! I'd go wild and just have fun in the room with my friends :D very therapeutic too, especially after a bad breakup lol.
10. NAIL POLISH, duh!? It is mainly a creative outlet from the mundane everyday existence. also a form of therapy for me.. :) from the stresses of living... and this amazing community i 'meet' :) makes me feel less alone :D

phew! that was longgg. thank you for sticking through with me :D

and now- *drumroll*

these are the bloggers I am tagging along with:


I figured that most of the bloggers out there that I have been reading are tagged in one way or another lol. and i dont want to end up choosing any :)
so please, share with me your 10 favourite things :) it is always great to know more about the person apart from her choice of nail colours or how she chooses her winner for giveaways lol :P

till next time~
P.S I am on a cleansing ritual. well, im planning to make it a ritual... Im going polish-free! for as long as I can take it. But it dont mean I'll stop getting my Orly Cosmix or Zoyas lol... My nails are yellowed and till i feel they are better then I will continue... for now, its about keeping them neat, clean and shiny :)

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